How General Contractors Can Use Self Storage Units


Everyone needs storage. From the homeowner moving to another part of the city or country to the college student looking to gain more space in an already cramped dorm room, but what about General Contractors. These people are those who build up communities and refurbish old buildings to bring renewed life to an area and they have plenty of storage needs as well. Here are just some of the amazing ways general contractors can use self storage units to enhance their business.

Working Out of Town

General contractors most often work in one, singular area. However, these days, certain areas can dry up when it comes to general contracting work from time to time, so reaching out to other communities and traveling for their employment needs has become more popular. General Contractors can travel hundreds or even thousands of miles depending on what the work calls for and a truck and trailer can only hold so much securely.

With so many natural disasters happening throughout the country, general contractors are often the first line of defense available to reinforce an area before a disaster strikes and they are certainly one of the first people to lend a hand to the community once the damage has been done. General Contractors go into areas that are devastated by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters to help the community begin to rebuild.

When traveling for out of town work, General Contractors must protect their valuable equipment. Traveling with an enclosed trailer is an option but can also be short sighted. Trailers can be easy targets for looters and unfortunately, it happens a lot after natural disasters. A savvy General Contractor will locate a secure storage unit in an area that remains close to the disaster-stricken community, but that has remained untouched by damage. This gives them the ability to store their tools and equipment without worry of opportunistic thieves.

Working Out of a Storage Unit

General Contractors should have a base shop to work from, but when they are just starting out in their own business or just looking for an affordable place to set up shop, a storage unit can be a viable solution. However, before you choose to set up a base shop in a storage unit, check with local laws and stipulations. Some storage unit companies and areas allow for temporary shops to be used out of a storage unit, but others do not. You do not want to get fined simply because you were misinformed, so be sure to check before moving in.

Store Unnecessary Tools and Equipment

General Contractors have lots of equipment and that equipment needs to be stored somewhere. When General Contractors choose to store their equipment in their own shop, it can get cluttered very quickly. Renting a storage unit provides ample versatility and works as an excellent extra storage space for bulky or little used equipment. No need to clog up your workspace when there is an affordable solution right down the street.

Buy in Bulk

The price of building supplies is always on the rise and the thing about General Contractors is that they generally use the same materials for each different project. Building materials such as wood in various lengths, dry wall, and nails are a part of practically every project. Buying these commonly used items for every single project can be a hassle, but a little-known fact about buying contracting materials is the big-name contractor supply stores offer a significant discount for those who buy in bulk.

General Contractors can save a lot of money by buying more than what they need and storing their excess supplies in storage units. General Contractors can rent multiple storage units at a time to help organize their supplies. One storage unit can store wood planks, while another can store bathroom supplies, and another may be used for roofing supplies. The possibilities for buying in bulk and having a safe, easy access space for storage needs will save a General Contractor time and a lot of money while keeping their supplies dry and far out of the way.

Portable Storage

One of the best sectors and styles of storage units for general contractors are portable storage units. These convenient little boxes allow a contractor to keep their supplies on site saving their employees a lot of time and foot work hauling supplies. A portable storage unit is brought in by the storage company and set up in an out of the way area on the job site. They can be rented for the duration of the project and provide a way to lock up supplies and equipment, so the General Contractor can always have what he needs without fear of leaving it behind at their shop.

Portable storage units are also very secure areas to store equipment. These boxes are reinforced and enabled with high end locks, so everything remains secure. Unfortunately, construction sites are often prime targets for thieves when the job site is unoccupied and having a portable storage unit on site keeps the threat of theft down significantly. The average thief will not spend their time trying to get into a portable storage unit. They are opportunistic and tend to grab what is right out in the open on a job site.

Storage units are like just another piece of necessary equipment to a General Contractor. They provide so many benefits for the General Contractor such as available storage for large or bulk bought items and a secure place to store highly valuable equipment. A General Contractor has a lot to worry about with each project and when they are able to utilize storage units for their storage needs, they can take a lot of stress out of the task and often make the project more affordable for their clients. For every job, in every city, and for every project, storage units provide versatility and a unique approach to their most viable storage needs.

By Jerilyn Alvarez
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