Top Benefits of Using Self-Storage Facilities and Features to Look For


There are many wonderful ways a self-storage unit can benefit your home or your business, yet many people are still hesitant when contemplating the idea of storing their possessions somewhere that isn’t their house or office. You might be concerned about the costs of paying for a storage unit month after month, or you might be skeptical about the security of the facility and the company that provides them. That’s okay, it’s only natural to wonder and weigh the pros against the cons, which is what we’ll be doing today in order to help you make the right decision.

We’ll list all of the benefits of self-storage, and give you an insight into the features you should look for based on your unique needs. This will allow you to comfortably make a home office in your studio apartment if you’re struggling with space, or optimize your office layout and boost productivity – whatever it is, a self-storage unit can probably help. Here’s what you need to know.

Declutter without throwing stuff away

The first and most obvious benefit of self-storage units is that they allow you to declutter your living environment and/or office without giving stuff away, throwing it out, or selling your belongings. Why part ways with items that boast a sentimental or functional value when you can store them in a remote location and retrieve them when and if you need them? This comes especially handy if you want to completely reinvent a room in your home without throwing away your valuables.

Likewise, with enough storage space, you can easily store office equipment, inventory, filing cabinets, and everything you may need to reintroduce into your office space down the line.

Secure your most valuable possessions

Another benefit of self-storage, one that might not come to mind at first, is that modern units boast comprehensive security systems, making them ideal for storing your valuables. Remember, you might feel like your valuables are safer with you at home, but it’s not always a good idea to keep all your precious possessions in the same place. Especially if you’re working from home and if the property doesn’t have security measures such as CCTV, motion sensors, or safes.

Not only does a modern self-storage unit boast its own security features that will deter anyone from attempting to break in, but the units themselves are typically stored in high-security buildings and compounds. Attempting to break in would be, in a word, futile. But it’s not just about the security, it’s also about the unit’s durability as well as its ability to protect your belongings from natural disasters and all weather conditions.

Look for durability and reliability

A storage unit has to be durable and reliable, especially if it’s situated in an open-air compound. These are some of the most important features you should look for when researching self-storage options and companies, as you want your unit to be able to protect your belongings from standard wear and tear, all natural elements, but also extreme weather as well as natural disasters.

Of course, you can always upgrade the durability of the unit by simply using shotcrete concrete to cover the inside walls, floors, and ceiling with a durable, waterproof material that will safeguard your belongings from flooding, fire, corrosion, and everything in between. You can talk to your provider about such extra features and whether or not you can or need to upgrade the durability level of your unit.

Organize your office and store equipment

Speaking of durability, it is absolutely essential for your storage unit to provide complete protection for your office equipment, so this is another feature that is non-negotiable. If you’re looking to organize your office, free up some much-needed floor space, and store your (pricey) equipment, tech, and appliances in a safe space, then your provider needs to assure you that your belongings are safe and sound.

Then again, understand that it’s not just about the storage company’s guarantees – you also need to do your part. First, pick the right size of the unit per your company’s needs. Next, procure the right covers and cases for all of your equipment, in order to protect it and prevent dust and any debris form accumulating and reaching into various nooks and crannies. This way, you will have ensured the safety of your valuables.

Store your possessions when renovating or moving

It should go without saying that self-storage is the ideal place to store all of your stuff when you’re renovating your home, remodeling a room, building extensions, or even moving. Don’t allow the dust, debris, and various toxic compounds to settle in your furniture, tech, or appliances, and don’t think that covering everything up with tarp will help. Instead, move everything to a storage unit for the duration of the project.

And speaking of moving, self-storage is great when you’re relocating but have no place to put your things. Oftentimes, the house or apartment you’re moving into will not be ready for you to bring start moving your stuff in (perhaps the floors are not finished), but you need to leave the old place. In this case, you can move only the essentials into the new place (such as a mattress and other necessities), and put everything in a storage unit until your new home is finished.

Find a teched-up storage unit

Circling back to office equipment and tech, nowadays there is a storage unit to fit every need, so be sure to look for high-tech storage facilities that boast additional features such as Wi-Fi or some common office equipment that will allow you to temporarily relocate a team there, or create a conference room if you’re lacking the space in your own office.

These modern storage units are nothing like the traditional models, as they boast a more vibrant design and resemble a workspace, simply because they’re intended for storage, as well as to accommodate employees and their needs. This is also a great solution if you’re unable to squeeze an office into your apartment, or if you’re handling large volumes of inventory while working from home. Simply use the storage unit as your warehouse and processing facility.

There is no denying that self-storage is an excellent solution for anyone looking to organize their living environment or office space. But storage can serve many a purpose, so be sure to look for these features and benefits when you’re researching storage companies in order to find the right unit for your needs.

Guest post by: Lilly Miller
Lilly is a graphic designer and a passionate writer. Loves everything about home decor, art history and baking. Shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney. Based in Sydney, but world is her playground.



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