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If you give it a few years — or sometimes, even a few decades — a good bottle of wine can become an amazing and unforgettable bottle of wine. The key to successfully aging your wine and enjoying the fruits of your efforts is to invest in proper wine storage. Wine only ages effectively if the conditions are monitored closely and are absolutely right. This means that you can't simply stick a bottle on your wine rack and let it sit there for a few years. It needs to be properly secured and stored for a specific duration of time.

The Importance of Proper Wine Storage

Unless you are buying a bottle of wine to drink in the next several weeks or months, it is important that you find the right storage solution for your best bottles. Storing your wine in a professional cellar will allow that wine to continue aging with time and will prevent it from being ruined by outside conditions.

Here are a few reasons why you should properly store your wine:

• Storing your wine in a cellar will protect the integrity of the wine, allowing the flavor to be preserved and enhanced in the years ahead.

• When you store your collection in a cellar, your wine will always be protected and your bottles will remain organized. Many cellars will store bottles in specific areas based on the variety of wine, and you also can have your collection organized based on the year that it was bottled.

If you are the type of person who buys wine that needs to be aged, it is important that you work closely with experienced professionals who know how to accomplish this. If you do not necessarily need long-term wine storage solutions, but you would still like to keep your collection tidy, a professional storage facility can assist you with that as well. Wine experts can help you figure out the best way to preserve your wine and enjoy your collection over the course of time.

Factors to Consider When Storing Your Wine

As you search for a storage facility for your wine collection, you will want to be aware of the several factors that can impact the integrity of each bottle. Here is what you need to consider as you search for wine storage solutions:

Lighting within the facility — No matter which type of wine is your favorite, it is going to need to be stored in a dark facility. Lighting — both from natural and artificial sources — can impact the overall taste and scent of the wine. In fact, too much exposure to light can actually ruin a bottle of wine. The storage facility that you select should keep all wine in a dark or dimly-lit area so as to protect each bottle that is stored there.

Temperatures within the facility — Wine needs to be stored at a very specific temperature, as temperatures that are too high can ruin the wine as can temperatures that are too cold. In fact, wine can actually freeze, and the freezing process can actually disturb the location of the cork. The type of wine that you are storing may dictate the precise temperature that it should be stored at, however, most wine can keep well for years if it is stored in a facility that maintains a temperature of between 55 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Humidity within the facility — The amount of moisture in the air within the storage facility that you choose will impact the results of the aging process as well. Dry air with little or no humidity can impact the integrity of the cork, which can allow new air to enter into the bottle and change the balance of the wine. A storage facility that is too humid could damage the label on the bottle, which will disrupt your organizational efforts and could possibly diminish the value of the wine bottle.

A professional expert is going to be able to provide you with dynamic storage solutions that can be adjusted based on the type of wine that you are storing or preserving. It is important to find a storage facility that can customize its solutions for your unique needs.

Where You Store Your Wine Matters

It is important to select a wine storage facility that is familiar with the outside factors that can impact the integrity of each individual bottle. For example, a facility that is located in a spot that is prone to vibrations may have trouble keeping wine in premium condition. Excessive vibrations can disturb the bottles that are resting and can impact the taste and texture of the wine. 

When you choose a storage facility, you also should verify that all bottles are kept in isolated areas. Wine should not be stored with other non-perishable items, such as food or wood, because these items can seep into the wine as it breathes. If your wine is stored with other items, the wine inside the bottle can actually begin to taste like the items that are stored alongside it. Isolation is particularly important when it comes to storing wine, so you will want to make sure that all efforts are being made in order to protect your wine investment.

Finding the Right Wine Storage Solution

When you invest in a bottle of wine from your favorite vineyard, and you are hoping to age it for a special occasion, it's important to find the right wine storage solution. Whether you are a collector and purveyor of fine wines or someone who is simply looking for a place to age a few bottles, a wine storage facility can provide you with the services that you need. Be sure to find a reputable facility that keeps its cellar at the optimum conditions and constantly monitors those conditions in order to preserve every bottle of wine.

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