Drive Up Units near me

Drive Up Access Storage Units

An Outside Unit/Drive up access is a self storage unit with outside access that allows you the ability to load and unload your belongings directly from a vehicle or truck. These units are typically located outside the main building of a storage facility and are a garage like unit with roll up doors and concrete walls.

A drive up storage unit, although convenient, may not offer the amenities an inside unit offers. Climate controlled storage being the most important. An Outside Unit/Drive up access will offer protection against rain and wind and will keep your belongings safe, but if you have valuables that are susceptible to extreme heat or cold, then an inside storage unit is for you.

Depending on the size, these outside units can also accommodate your vehicle, boat or motorcycle. Drive up units is great for small machinery, or anything else you might store in a garage. These units are very popular because they are easily accessible.

Now if you are storing large furniture that may be damaged from extreme weather conditions, you might want to consider an inside drive-up self-storage unit. Although not very common they do exist and may cost slightly more than an outside drive-up unit. Keep in mind when reserving an inside unit that it is on the ground floor and check that the door height and size can accommodate the vehicle you are moving your belongings in.

Pros of an outside drive-up storage unit:

• Ability to park right next to unit and keep an eye on your stuff
• Convenient loading and unloading your belongings and no doorways or hallways  to maneuver
• Variety of sizes available from small units like a 5 x 5 unit to large 10 x 20 units the size of a garage
• Ability to store riding lawnmowers, ATVs and motorcycles, vehicles, small boats, trailers and depending on ceiling height small RVs
• Great for heavy and bulky furniture
• Affordable monthly rates with no long term contracts
• More accessibility as many facilities offer 24 hour access for outside drive-up storage units
• Secure: You provide the lock and keep the key

Cons of an outside drive-up storage unit:

• Outside drive-up units typically tend to offer fewer amenities like climate control or enhanced security
• Roll-up doors are not sealed against wind, dust and small particles
• Just as wind, dust and other particles can enter into unit, so can condensation
• Not recommended for valuable items that can be damaged by climate and dust

Drive-up self-storage units are great for storing:

• Classic and sports vehicles you want to protect from the elements
• Outdoor recreational equipment such as ATV, Jet Skis, kayaks and small boats
• Household and personal belongings especially between moves or when deployed
• Large, heavy furniture
• Lawn furniture during the off-season
• Large and small seasonal decorations
• Riding lawn mowers, lawn and garden equipment
• Building materials and supplies
• Business inventory and/or equipment
• Winter snow equipment during off-season
• Sporting and fishing gear when not in use
• Gym equipment

No matter what you plan on storing in a drive-up storage unit, you can find the most convenient self-storage facilities near you on Conveniently search online at home or work 24 hours 7 days a week and reserve your perfect unit for free.