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24 Hour Storage

There are many reasons to choose a 24-hour access self storage facility for your storage needs. When you find the facility that works for you, it's easier and more convenient to store items, get to them when you need them, and know that they're secure. Not only do you want to have your items where you can reach them quickly any time you want to, but you also want to have peace of mind. Here are a few of the most important things to consider when you're looking for a 24-hour storage facility in your area.

You'll Have Unlimited Storage Unit Access

The unlimited access to a 24-hour self storage facility is probably the most important part of having this type of unit. It doesn't matter when you need something from your storage unit, because you'll be able to get it. You can stop by at noon on your lunch break, or go pick something up from the facility at three in the morning. It really doesn't matter, and you'll be able to feel comfortable that you can get to your belongings anytime you want to. Not everyone needs that, but it's important to a lot of people.

Unlimited access to a storage unit is important to different people for different reasons. Business owners, for example, might need access because of making sales. Someone with anxiety may want to be able to get to their things to feel reassured that those items haven't been lost or to provide themselves with comfort. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter why a person would want 24-hour access to their self storage unit. It only matters that it's important to them and gives them the options they're looking for.

Business Owners Can Really Benefit

One of the biggest advantages to a 24-hour access self storage facility is for business owners. When you have a small business and need somewhere to store your stock, a self storage unit can be the right answer. But you also want to make sure you can get to that stock at all hours of the day and night. Maybe one of your clients is in another time zone, and has a question you can't really answer without the product in your hand. Being able to get to the product in your unit will be very important.

You might also find that you have to do some troubleshooting or tech support, and if you don't happen to have the product a client is calling about, you'll need to get to it quickly and efficiently, so you can reach out to the client with the solution or some suggestions to consider. Sometimes, it's also easier to go to the storage unit after working all day, and stock up for the next day. You won't be able to do that if the storage facility is closed for the day, unless you choose one that gives you access on a 24-hour basis.

Not every business owner will need a self storage unit. It depends on the kind of business they have, and whether they have a lot of stock or equipment that they have to store off-site. It also depends on the hours they work, and the times that they're available for their clients. If they aren't going to be able to be reached during non-business hours, or if they don't need to get access to their stock during those times, having 24-hour access may not be important. But many business owners will want that 24-hour access option.

Not Everyone Works Traditional Hours

For people who work a nine-to-five job, getting to their self storage unit before it closes or going there before work or on the weekend generally isn't a problem. It's convenient enough to work for them, so they don't worry about 24-hour access. But not everyone works a traditional job. Some people work night shifts or odd hours, or they have a flexible schedule. They may not be able to get to their storage unit easily during regular business hours, especially if they're further away or work long, tiring days.

Additionally, they might find that they need to stop and get something from their storage unit after they get off work, and that could be the middle of the night. For people in this situation, having a facility where they can store their things and have 24-hour access to them is a great way to feel more secure about being able to get what they need, when they need it. Not only can they access their items anytime they need to get something, but they'll also have the option to move things to their storage unit when it's convenient.

Some people choose storage units that are right down the street from them, but there can be times when that's really not an option. For example, someone who lives in a more rural community could have to drive further to get to the storage facility they've chosen. Depending on their working hours, family life, and other factors, getting to the facility during "normal" hours might not be something that's realistic. But with a 24-hour facility, that isn't an issue any longer and getting what's needed is faster and easier, as well.

Storing a Vehicle Requires Convenience

Sometimes, people keep vehicles at storage unit facilities. That could be a vehicle they're working on, one that's not really for year-round usage, like a motorcycle, or simply an extra one that they don't drive as much. Because there are options for those kinds of vehicles at many storage units, finding the right place and being able to get to the vehicle both come into play. Only having access to the stored vehicles during standard hours isn't right for a lot of people, who want 24-hour access to anything they've stored there.

It's possible that someone will decide they want to drive a different vehicle the following day, or they need the other vehicle they have stored for some reason. If they don't realize that until later in the day, they may not be able to get to the vehicle in time at a more traditional storage facility. With a 24-hour option, though, they can get the storage they need and also the access they want. That makes it a lot more convenient for them, and can also affect whether they can get to places when they need to.

Switching to a different vehicle for fun, like taking the motorcycle to work because it's such a nice day, is different from switching to a different vehicle out of necessity. That could include something like swapping out the car for a work truck, in order to do a particular job the next day. Without the ability to make that change, getting things done the right way might not be realistic. That could be frustrating for the person renting the facility, and also for the people relying on that person to complete a task or give them a ride.

Think About Security When Making a Choice

No matter what kind of storage facility you plan to choose or where it's located, remember that everyone else who's renting there also has 24-hour access to the facility. That can make these types of options a little less secure, but many companies take excellent precautions to reduce the chances of something going wrong when the office is closed. Cameras, fenced areas, key cards or key codes for security, and other options can all work together to make a 24-hour storage unit safer and more secure for everyone.

If you don't feel good about the level of security your potential storage unit is offering, it may be time to look for another one. They aren't all the same, and there are some that will provide you with more protection than others -- that may be especially important for people who store stock for their business, a classic car, or some other expensive item that could also be difficult to replace. But anyone who chooses a 24-hour self storage facility should pick one that gives them good protection and proper access, as needed.

To help decide if the level of security and service at a 24-hour self storage facility is right for you, ask the facility about their record of break-ins, what kinds of cameras they have, and if there's a 24-hour number or emergency number to call, as well. Also find out how they control access to the facility, and whether there's a good fence and plenty of lighting.

If possible, visit the area after dark, especially late at night, and see how well it's lit up and whether there are other people there. The gates should close behind anyone entering or leaving the facility, too, to prevent someone who doesn't belong there from getting in by closely following someone who's accessing the facility legally. With the right security, a 24-hour storage facility can be an excellent choice for just about anyone who needs storage and access to their things at any time of the day or night.