Unveiling the Extra Space/Life Storage Merger: What it Means for the Self-Storage Industry


The self-storage industry is buzzing with excitement as two major players, Extra Space Storage and Life Storage, have announced their merger. This groundbreaking collaboration is set to reshape the landscape of the self-storage industry and leave a lasting impact on businesses and consumers alike.

With years of experience and a combined market presence that spans across the nation, Extra Space and Life Storage are poised to create a powerhouse that will set new standards for the industry.

We will dive into the details of this merger, exploring its implications, benefits, and potential challenges. Whether you are a self-storage facility owner,...


Public Storage Acquires Simply Self Storage: A Game Changer 


Public Storage acquires Simply Self Storage, and it's a game changer, folks.

This isn't just another acquisition in the self-storage industry. Nope!

We're talking about Public Storage here, one of the biggest players in the field. And they've gone ahead and scooped up Simply Self Storage from Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust.

With this move, Public Storage Acquires Simply Self storage, bringing 127 properties under their wing! That’s big news!

Details of the Public Storage and Simply Self Storage Acquisition

The self-storage industry has been buzzing with news about the acquisition deal between Public Storage, a...


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