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RV Storage

Many municipalities have ordinances against long-term parking of an RV in a residential area. Or as winter approaches, especially if you live in Chicago or Philadelphia, you may want to shield your RV from the harshness of wintertime. What is an RV owner to do? A self-storage unit may offer an affordable solution to store your RV.

Owning a RV is wonderful in that you get to take your lodging wherever you go. However, what do you do if you live in a condo on Miami Beach or high rise in Brooklyn and own a RV? What happens if an RV does not fit at your home? You need to find a place to park or store it when you are not traveling or when not in use. Fortunately, there are many self storage facilities where you can store your RV and even have it protected against sun and other harsh weather conditions such as snow and hail.

The most affordable options for storing your RV would be uncovered RV storage or uncovered RV parking. Most storage facilities offer parking to house RVs up to 35 feet and some offer spots are even longer. Depending on the self storage facility, the RV area may be gated, fences and have 24 hour surveillance, giving you peace of mind knowing your RV is in a safe area.

Want to add an additional layer of protection for your RV, then you might want to consider covered RV storage. Just like uncovered RV parking, a covered RV storage spot has roofing or other type of roofing structure that will provide some protection the from sun. Covered RV storage is a bit more costly than uncovered RV storage, however you may realize saving from less sun damage.

If your budget allows, you may opt to store your precious RV in an enclosed RV storage unit. An enclosed storage unit for your valuable RV offers you the most in protection, convenience and security. Your RV is protected from all the weather elements, will stay dry and free from sun damage which may extend the longevity of your recreation vehicle. The savings from damage may even help alleviate the cost associated with storing your RV.

No matter what type of RV storage you choose for your vehicle, it is always a good idea to check with the storage facility on accessibility; what days and hours can you access your RV. Most facilities have electronic gates with passkey pads giving you 24/7 accessibility. If your facility doesn’t have electronic gates, double check access especially during holiday periods when there may be reduced hours. You don’t want to be disappointed if you show up and you can’t get to your RV.

Finding a storage facility that offers the type of storage you are looking for to store your RV, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor unit is easy.

Enter your city or zip code in the search box to find available self storage facilities closest to your location. Ezstorit.com will display facilities in your area where you can search amenities and sizes of available units. Once you have found the unit that will best store your RV, you can reserve it right online. It’s that easy.