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Humble Beginnings

We started as Just a couple of tech geeks who wanted to create a great place to match folks looking for self-storage units to self-storage facilities nearby. Our goal at EZstorit is to offer affordable flat rate marketing geared towards the independent facility operator who then can pass those savings to customers. Let’s face it, it’s about money. If storage operators can market their facility at a low rate, then they can keep their prices affordable. Well, that’s the idea! Even as the business has grown and evolved, our team has grown too, enabling us to continue to make improvements while maintaining low prices. We pride ourselves as being the most affordable self-storage aggregator in the industry.

When the pandemic hit, the team started working remotely. This was a game changer; everyone loved it and production went through the roof. We have been able to transition to a rotation of team members; some work from home while others in the office, keeping those safe and maintaining efficiencies and production. Our team loves it and looks forward to our monthly in-person brain storming sessions fueled by donuts.

Helping Others is a Mission for Us

We are a success because of our facility partners and all the folks who continue to find their storage units through our platforms: EZstorit.com, CheapStorageUnits.com and Storitez.com. Helping others is in our blood and a mission for us. Helping those in need of more storage space is a means for us to help others.

Higher education is expensive. We help students through our two annual scholarships: The Self Storage Employee Scholarship and the Get Ahead Scholarship. These two scholarships award recipients with a check of $500 directly that they can use towards any of their college expenses like books, fees, housing, meal plans or anything that college students may need.

Scholarships are just the beginning. We are proud to also support local and national organizations such as the American Red Cross, Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity, St Jude Children’s Hospital, American Cancer Society and United Military Care just to name a few. Your business helps us help others, and we thank you!

Our goal is to make and keep your search for self storage as easy (EZ) and uncomplicated as possible. Search, book and rent the perfect self storage unit so that you can move on with your life.

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We’re a team of passionate, dedicated individuals with only one goal, to make and keep
your search for self storage as easy (EZ) and uncomplicated as possible.


Self Storage Units

What is so glamorous about self storage? Nothing! Self storage units are used for convenience only, convenience to keep what you cannot store in your home. Or so we think…

Self storage has been used not only to store excess “inventory”, household or business, but to actually hold complete businesses. There are accounting and attorney offices being run from self storage facilities, clothing stores, small dance studios and exercise gyms. Self storage has changed and storage facilities have been adapting to the changing times.


Vehicle Storage

Parking your vehicle at a self storage facility cannot get any easier, there are uncovered and covered parking spaces, as well as fully enclosed units. These enclosed units are normally large, outdoor, with drive up access self storage units.