Self Storage Unit Sizes

5x5 Self Storage Unit

5'x5' Self Storage Unit

Similar to a walk-in closet

This self storage unit might be small, but it is mighty. It features 25 square-foot of space and it is about the size of a standard walk-in closet. It is great to store household clutter, some samall furniture, seasonal items, boxes and luggage.

5x10 Self Storage Unit

5'x10' Self Storage Unit

Similar to a medium size shed

A very popular storage unit because of its versatility and functionality. It features 50 square-foot of space and it's the size of a medium size shed. It will hold several items from a small apartment or all the furnishings from a bedroom or office.

Mattress sets, dressers, chests and coffe tables can fit in this unit as well as musical instruments, mid size electronics, artwork, seasonal decor or equipment and camping gear. For business it is ideal to store supplies, recods and inventory.

10x10 self storage unit10'x10' Self Storage Unit

Similar to a half of a standard garage

Not to small, not too big unit size, it features 100 square-foot of storage that is the size of a half standard garage. This unit can hold the contents of a one bedroon house or apartment. 

It can hold household furnitures such as sofas, dressers, mattress sets, coffee tables, end tables, garden and outdoor furniture. For businesses you can store office equipment like chairs, desks and shelves as well as supplies, records and inventory.

10x15 self storage unit10'x15' Self Storage Unit

Similar to a large bedroom

Another popular unit size that can hold the items of a small house. It features 150 square-feet of space available to hold furniture and most items from a two bedroom house or apartment.

Sofas, dining room table, end tables, china cabinets, bedroom sets and a whole other bunch of furniture can fit in this unit as well as some lawn equipment and tools. This unit can also hold a small compact car if the unit has drive-up access.

10x20 Self Storage Unit10'x20' Self Storage Unit

Similar to a one car garage

This unit size is ideal to hold an entire mid-size house with all its furnisings and miscelaneous items. It features a whopping 200 square-feet of space availabe including space for outdoor furniture, lawn equipment and tools.

Bulky household furnishing like dectionals, soffas, arm chairs, coffe tables, dinning room sets, china cabinets and bedroom sets can be stored in this 10x 20 unit size. As well as grills, outdoor furniture, lawn equipment and toos, bicycles, and camping gear. Businesses can also store a lot of inventory, office furniture, shelves, desk and chairs.

If you are planning to store a vehicle, it will hold a mid-size car, van or pick-up truck plus some additional boxes or small furniture. Make sure that storing vehicles is allowed within the facility.

10x30 Self Storage Unit10'x30' Self Storage Unit

Similar to a 2-car garage

These 10x30 storage units are not always available at all self storage facilities. They are the size of a 2-car garage and can hold the contents of a 3 - 4 bedroon house. You can also store a vehicle in this type of unit if it is a drive-up access unit.


Uncovered Parking Spaces

Uncovered Vehicle Storage in different sizes

Uncoverd vehicle storage can be found on designated areas of most facilities. Parking spaces can be used to park your vehicle, boat or RV in a secured area.

Covered Parking Spaces

Vehicle Storage in different sizes

Covered parking spaces are specialties for some storage facilities, you can only find them at a hand full of locations and you might need to make a reservation way ahead in advanced as they are very popular with RV enthusiasts.



Locker imageIf you are looking for an easy and affordable way to store away some of your belongings, lockers are a great option. Lockers are available in a variety of sizes for a great price. We can help you find the right locker size and shape to fit your needs, whether you need to store boxes of luggage full of clothes. 

Our storage lockers are ideal for short-term storage of seasonal items, boxes with important documents and similar items that do not require tall ceilings or large spaces. When you need extra space on any of home rooms, a storage locker can be a very helpful temporary solution.


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