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No matter if you attend Stanford University, Johns Hopkins or Princeton University, as a college student, you have many things on your mind especially at the end of a semester. Studying for finals, making summer plans, applying for summer internships and figuring out how to stay in-touch with friends are just a few things that come to mind. The last thing any student wants to think about at the end of the semester is packing up and moving out of their dorm or college apartment. And yes, even students at Duke or Clemson University must vacate their dorm for the summer and/or possibly their college apartment.

What’s a student to do with all the stuff accumulated during the year? Things like small appliances, TV’s, furniture and décor items to name a few. Those things cost money; therefore, you may not want to discard it or “trash” it, filling up landfills. You spent good money for your stuff; Think about “stashing” or storing your belongings over the summer.

Figuring out what to do with all your stuff can be a challenge, especially for students that live out-of-state or far from their university campus. What happens if you have more stuff then what fits in your car, providing you have a car at campus? Making several trips transporting your belongings home is not practical no matter how far you live from campus.

If you have lots of stuff, renting a truck may work, but can be costly. Also many rental companies require renters to be at least 25 years old. Keep in mind; you might also need to rent another truck to bring everything back to school at the start of the next semester.

College is already expensive for students and families, so storing your belongings over the summer or even while studying abroad maybe an affordable option.

Let’s take a look at several storage options:

Storage Units

Renting a self-storage unit is an affordable option to store student belongings over the summer. A local self-storage facility near you offers a variety of unit sizes. A storage locker or a 5 x 5 self-storage unit may be sufficient to store your belongings for a short period of time. It is even more affordable if you can get several friends to share the unit and the cost associated with it.


  • • Renting a unit is easy and insurance is available for purchase to cover your stuff.

  • • There are no long-term contracts or leases, rent your unit only for the time period you need.

  • • Unlimited access to your stuff during facility open hours.


  • • Although many college towns have storage facilities nearby, you will still need a vehicle to transport your stuff to and from your self-storage unit.

  • • Your stuff maybe heavy, especially furniture and you may need assistance in moving it.

  • • You have to allow time to move your stuff during a very busy time in the semester.

  • • Depending on what you are storing, a climate controlled unit will cost you more, but will protect your belongings.

Moving Company

You could hire a moving company. This is a very costly option.


  • • The moving company will come to your school and pack your stuff for you.

  • • They will take it to their warehouse and store it until you are ready for them to deliver it back to you.


  • • A moving company can be quite expensive, if they even want to quote you for such a small moving job.

  • • A moving company may charge extra to carry stuff down or up a flight of stairs. Many older dorms may not have elevators.

  • • You will need to be there to supervise the packing as well as when they return your belongs.

Campus Storage

A unique option! A little bit, storage unit and moving company all in one. No matter if you attend Syracuse University, Tulane, Vanderbilt or one of the other universities they serve, Campus storage comes to you! Let Campus Storage remove the headache of moving and storing your belongings during summers or a semester abroad.


  • • No need to search high and low for boxes. Campus Storage will ship packing kits with everything you need right to your residence or dorm’s mailroom. Order your packing kit early, so you can take your time packing your stuff.

  • • Campus Storage will come to your college dorm to pick up your stuff during your selected date and time. They offer several “FREE” pick up dates to choose from.

  • • No need to strain your back, Campus Storage will move your heavy boxes and stuff, even down stairs.

  • • Campus Storage will store your belongings in a safe and secure place.

  • • Need some items shipped? No problem, Campus Storage can take care of shipping boxes for you.

  • • When you return to school, Campus Storage will deliver your stuff back to you at the beginning of the next semester or whenever you need it.

  • • As the industry leader, you can trust Campus Storage with your belongings.

  • • Campus Storage offers a customer service department that is available around the clock to address any questions or concerns you may have.


  • • Campus Storage doesn’t offer mid-summer deliveries. So pack items you won’t need until school resumes.

  • • Although Campus Storage can store furniture, they cannot accommodate large sofas or futons.

  • • Not every College and University is served by Campus Storage.


Campus Storage currently services the following Colleges and Universities:

Campus Storage at• Babson College
• Boston University
• Brandeis
• Brown
• Carnegie Mellon University
• Catholic University of America
• Clemson University
• Columbia / Barnard
• Dartmouth
• Duke
• Elon University
• Emory University
• Emory University - Oxford College
• George Washington University
• Georgetown University
• Howard University
• Johns Hopkins
• Lehigh University
• Loyola Marymount University
• Middlebury College
• Northeastern University
• Otis College
• Pepperdine University
• Princeton University
• Providence College
• Rice
• SMU - Southern Methodist University
• Stanford University
• Syracuse
• Tufts University
• Tulane
• University of Arizona
• University of Colorado (Boulder)
• University of Denver
• University of Massachusetts Amherst
• University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
• University of Notre Dame
• University of Oregon
• University of Pennsylvania
• University of San Diego
• University of Vermont
• University of Wisconsin - Madison
• USC - University of Southern California
• Vanderbilt
• Villanova