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The skyrocketing trends in technology have led to a lot of mind-blowing changes. One of the most significant changes to most companies is reduced expenses. Depending on the type of industry, there are numerous options of running operations supported by modern technology. People can now work from home which is something that seemed impossible decades ago. Working from home is convenient and saves a lot of money.

Although working from home has numerous benefits, it still has setbacks. You probably have to deal with organizing work related stuff and store things appropriately. You don’t want your kids to tamper with your work, so you have to invest in proper storage. Most people end up losing valuable items because they tend to overlook the importance of a self-storage unit. If you work at home, below are things you should know about storage units.

Decide which storage unit best suits your needs

At this stage, you will need to have a look at all items that need to be stored. You probably have a rough idea of what you want. However, the point is not to rent a storage facility that fits all your stuff. Remember that you work from home, so you need some space where you can as well fit to do extra duties.

If you frequently get your stuff out, you should not have a small storage unit where items are packed from floor to ceiling or wall to wall. Some people go for the smallest storage unit possible to save money. In the long run, such a unit becomes inconvenient and does not give room for growth. Always consider having extra space in your storage to accommodate for easy movement and future growth.

The other important thing to consider when choosing a storage unit is how to store temperature sensitive items. In such a case, a climate-controlled unit is essential. You don’t have to go for the old insecure style of storing items outdoors.

If your items are highly valuable, you have to consider having a storage unit with good monitoring and security. At one point or another, you will need an insurance cover. If you hire a storage unit, check whether the renter has an insurance policy cover. In case no insurance cover is provided, consider buying one and its cost efficiency.

Do your research

If you want a managed storage facility, you must focus on ways of finding storage buildings. This is better than at-home sealed storage boxes that are inaccessible sometimes. Although convenience matters a lot for a person working at home, it is not always advisable to have a storage facility close to your house. Your privacy and security are vital depending on the type of work you run from home. Not everyone should know where your most important documents and data are stored.

Location is not everything

Some people want to go for the cheapest and closest storage unit in their community. It is beneficial in different ways, but there are also high chances of losing your items. It is advisable to spread your storage so that you may have several options to investigate. Think of walking or driving an extra 15 minutes to store your items in a better location.

If your home is located in a heavily populated or urban area, it is wise to store your belongings farther from town. You know how renting space in an urban area is expensive. If you work from home and you need extra space for storage, you could subject yourself to unnecessary financial burdens if you rent more space where you live. Find a storage far from where you live, but ensure that it is safe. There are numerous great deals out there in less populated areas. Save that extra dollar and use if for other beneficial activities.

Online reviews matter

If you work from home, you may not get enough time to keep checking stored items. You need an assurance that you are working with a credible storage facility. Search for the facility on Yelp and Google Places. Be sure to check the recurring theme. What do people like or dislike about the storage facility. If most reviews are negative, that is a red flag already. You don’t want to lose your lifetime savings. Reading reviews tells you more about costs, convenience, security, and safety of items. This also gives you a great opportunity to compare different storage units to find out which best suits your needs.


Convenience is one of the most important factors when choosing a self-storage unit if you work from home. There are times you need to access particular information needed at work, if you store such data kilometers away, you could end up losing clients or important business deals. In such a case, you may set aside space in your house for storage or rent a storage unit nearby. Somewhere you can access within minutes.

Not all rented storage facilities are convenience, you have to check on their mode of operation. Most storage units give information about gate hours. If you are not careful, you might be tricked into believing that the facility is open for long hours and late. Gate hours refer to the hours set aside when clients can access a storage unit. Office hours are usually shorter.

What happens when you need assistance outside office hours? You may urgently need help, and you need a way out. Always check access and gate hours to see if they are convenient for your work. Storage units that are closed on weekends are not convenient.

Make the home storage unit appealing

Buyers what a storage unit that allows room for growth. Make your home spacious if you have to market your items out there. You cannot create a good impression if stuff are scattered everywhere. Items that frequently need to be moved should be near the exit. Your home should look fresh and cleaning. You can do the cleaning yourself or hire a professional. Ensure that the storage unit is clean all the time to build a good reputation of your work.

By: Lee Preston
Lee is the Director of Marketing and Promotion for EZstorit.com. When she is not dealing with storage facilities partners, she is writing about topics that affect our daily lives.



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