Using Self Storage for Business, Literally


Small businesses are coming up with new and more creative ways to have the space they need at a price they can afford. They may also look for different ways of doing things, because they don't want to sign long leases that require them to be locked in for a year or even longer. If their business doesn't work out, they are stuck with big lease payments on a space they aren't even using - and that's never a good thing. One solution to their concerns could be a storage unit - not to store items in, but to actually use as a business location. It's becoming a popular option.

While not all facilities allow it, more self storage companies are choosing to offer their storage units as actual business locations. The idea is still small and hasn't spread to a large number of facilities, but the facilities that are choosing to encourage small businesses to try them out are finding a lot of success. It's a mutually beneficial situation that can make a real difference in the profits of a small business and the bottom line of the self storage facility. Since it can work well for everyone involved, there are many advantages to a mutually beneficial relationship between self storage companies and small businesses.

Why It's Good for the Facility

Storage facilities that offer their units as business locations can help keep units full and profits coming in, along with providing a great place for brand new companies to get their start. They also generate conversation about their facility, so more people come to see them for both storage and small business needs. These facilities show that they are interested in changing and adapting for the future, and that they want to help their community by giving small businesses a chance to have a great space at a lower price. Since the facility wants to make money, having full units is very important.

When there are more reasons to use a storage unit, or more options for the ways that unit can be used, storage companies see more people coming through their doors. With the increased revenue that brings, these facilities can begin offering more perks that attract even more businesses. That helps to start a revenue cycle that can improve small businesses everywhere, and that can also add a lot of value to the storage facility - that may have also started out as a small business.

How it Benefits the Small Business

Even though self storage facilities benefit from increased traffic and having more of their units rented, the perks they provide to their tenants are the biggest reason to consider using a storage unit as a small business location. Many facilities that allow small businesses to actually operate the business from the unit they rent include free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, climate control, file and document storage, security, and package delivery. Those are really all a small business needs when it's just getting started, and are included in the price of the rental unit.

The small business that rents the unit needs one more thing to get started: furniture. Bringing their own items in makes complete sense, and is what most small businesses do. However, there are also storage facilities that provide furniture if requested. The rental rate is only a little higher, and the small business can get everything they need to operate their business successfully. Desks, chairs, a conference table, book shelves, and other items are all available. Facilities that really want to provide great value to their small business tenants include units that are carpeted and minimally decorated, so the small business owner doesn't feel like they are working in a storage unit.

The value of having a unit that really looks like an office is significant, because it provides small business owners with a feeling of stability, and a feeling that they have an actual office location from which they can work. They can furnish and decorate it, and work from it anytime of the day or night. With the high levels of security that most storage facilities provide, there is also no worry of another renter or anyone else breaking into their office. That lets them store files, prototypes, customer information, and other things in their unit, and not be concerned about the safety of those items.

Signing an agreement with a self storage facility is a lot different than signing a lease for office space. With a storage facility, the agreement is month-to-month. That way, if your business doesn't do well - or if it does really well and you want to move to a bigger location - you can easily give your notice and move out of the storage unit. There aren't any complicated lease contracts to get through, and you aren't locked in for months. Some standard office leases are for a year or longer, and that's a long time to be trapped in an agreement. Before you take that kind of chance, you can give your business a great start without spending a lot of money, by using a storage unit.


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