She Shed & Man Cave - Ideas and How To's


If you're thinking about creating a space that's all your own a She Shed or Man Cave can be a great solution. But where should you start? What kind of space do you want to have in the end? Are there decorative items or planning issues you'll need to make room for?

Here's what you need to know about creating your own She Shed or Man Cave, so you can be happy with what you've completed when it's done.

Some of the Best She Shed Ideas

Building a She Shed can be complex or easy. A lot of it depends on what you're starting with, but what you ultimately want to have in the finished space can also affect how difficult it will be. When you start thinking about your She Shed, consider the following:

• Do you already have a shed or other space (such as a garage) you can use?
• If you don't have a space already do you want to buy or build something?
• How much room do you need?
• How do you intend to use the space?

Many people use their She Sheds for things like yoga and meditation, while some use them for work or for simply getting away with a glass of wine and a good book. Understanding how you intend to use yours will give you a lot of insight into the size of the space you need and what kinds of items you want to include in it.

For people who want a big space for yoga, meditation, working out, or a hobby that takes significant room it can be best to buy a large shed or even build one that fits their specifications. Using a garage as a She Shed is also becoming a popular option for people who have more than one garage or who don't own a car.

Both attached and detached garages can be used. Some people like the option of an attached garage in case the weather is bad. They don't need to go outdoors to get to their She Shed. But there is also the consideration that being attached to the house means it's also easily accessed by others. There may not be the level of privacy you're looking for with this option.

If you have a detached garage, though, you may be able to turn it into a She Shed with a little time and effort. The chances are it's already large enough for most things it would be used for. You can even put up interior walls and divide part of it if you don't need all the space it offers. That can create a cozier look and feel depending on how you're going to be using your She Shed.

Popular Man Cave Creation Options

Before the She Shed became popular, the Man Cave was already fairly common. Often, this was a converted garage, unused bedroom, or basement area that men took over. They could watch sports, drink beer, and talk about things like hunting and fishing. Except not all men like those specific things and the concept of the Man Cave has evolved somewhat.

There are still plenty of hunting-themed basements with big screen TVs and beer coolers. But there are also many Man Caves that focus on other types of hobbies, interests, and pursuits. No matter what you want your Man Cave to offer you can look into a space that's going to work well for your needs.

The first goal of creating your Man Cave is to find the space you're going to use. As you do that, think about these questions:

• How much room do you need for the items you want in your space?
• Do you need to focus on lighting, sound, and related considerations?
• Will you need a separate entrance for friends to come in (not through the main house)?
• What do you want the finished product to look like and say about you?

You can choose a basement or attic space, a spare bedroom, a den, or even a shed or garage for your Man Cave. There aren't any specific rules about what it has to be and what it looks like. That's one of the best things about these kinds of spaces, is that they can really be anything you want them to be. They are a reflection of the things you value and enjoy.

How To Get Started On Your New Space

Getting started is often the hardest part when you're creating a Man Cave or She Shed. You want to be sure you're doing things right from the beginning, so you don't have to go back and do them over at a later date. Unfortunately, trying to plan everything out perfectly doesn't always work the way you hope or want.

Sometimes you won't realize something needs to be changed until you're already in the middle of it. Still, having a good plan for everything is important, and that starts with asking yourself the questions above. As you come up with answers to those questions you'll have a better idea of how to create your space.

In most cases you probably won't move plumbing or wiring, but you might have to think about some of those options if you build something from scratch or if you're adding lighting to a shed you already have. Having a professional handle those areas of your She Shed or Man Cave creation is the best (and safest) idea.

You may want to take pictures of the current space and get good measurements, too. You can sketch out the plans you have and see if the items you want or need will fit where you envision them. Sometimes you may need to make an adjustment, and it's better to do that on paper than to try to figure it out when you've already purchased furniture and decor. Not only can that be frustrating, but it's sometimes difficult to return large items.

It's also important to consider your budget, since some of the changes you'd like to make might not be realistic or affordable for you. If they aren't, you can look into ways to get something similar that will keep you moving forward on your project. There are often options you can consider that will provide a look or feel you want without breaking the bank.

When you find those kinds of options they're the ones you'll want to hang onto, since they can save you a lot of money in the long run and help you enjoy your She Shed or Man Cave to its fullest.

By: Lee Preston
Lee is the Director of Marketing and Promotion for EZstorit.com. When she is not working with our storage facilities partners, she is writing about topics that affect our daily lives.


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