Must-Have Backpacking Gear for Women


No matter if you’re a lady who’s just getting into backpacking or an experienced backpacker who likes to stay up-to-date with gear and fashion, make sure to read this entire article. From bags and tents to socks and headlamps, here’s what you’ll need for your next backpacking trip. If your trip is successful, you’ll surely consider it for your next summer vacation.

Choose the right backpack

For ultimate comfort and pain-free back, it’s best to grab a women-specific backpack. Models like Maven from Gregory are perfect for all backpackers. Thanks to its FreeFloat Hybrid system, this pack has a dynamic fit and easy-carry mode so your backpack will move with your body as you walk or jog. The hip belt is curved for the perfect body hug and the back panel offers pleasant airflow. There are also practical external mesh pockets for wet clothes, snacks and other necessities. The distribution begins in winter 2019 and you can get your pack for around $200.

Grab a spacy tent

If you’re used to waiting out a storm being bored in your tent, grab Exped Outer Space. This model offers maximum livability with a light weight of only 5 pounds and 11 ounces. With 37 square feet of space, this tent offers enough room for two people to eat, play games and even sit in chairs! When the weather permits, you can set your tent in porch mode and enjoy more space and a better view.

Provide comfort and warmth with a sleeping pad

If you want to stay comfortable and warm at night, you’ll need a sleeping pad. Now, thanks to NEMO, you can enjoy a new hybrid model—The Flyer—that is a mix between an inflatable pad and self-inflating pad. When you get for $120 is a 1 pound and 7 ounces of cored out foam with air channels that inflate on their own. This model offers great amount of support even for side sleeps and bustier women. And if you puncture it, you can still continue using it when deflated.

Stay toasty with your warm sleeping bag

If you’re a backpacking lady on a budget, check out Sierra Design’s Taquito sleeping bag. This model will go for about $250 when it comes out in 2020, which is pretty affordable for something of this caliber. Taquito weighs just a little bit over 2 pounds yet it’s great for cold sleepers. Women’s model is enriched with more down or synthetic fill power which will keep you warm and comfortable. The only downside to Taquito is the zipper that doesn’t unzip all the way down, so you can’t use the bag as a blanket.

Prevent blisters with the right shoes

Even if you’re not a hiking and backpacking pro, you’ve probably heard about Altra and their legendary Lone Peak Trail Running Shoes. Right now, they are having a new edition—Lone Peal 4.5 with small upgrades to their shoes that make them more flexible, durable and better for traction. Even though many backpackers ditched hiking boots, if you prefer some added ankle stability, you can wait for Altra’s new model. Tusher will have very flexible souls and be lightweight and comfortable which makes them perfect for beginner female hikers.

Protect your feet

Even though you might have your comfy shoes, that still doesn’t mean you will enjoy the ultimate comfort while trekking. Keep your feet in heaven with high-quality women's socks that provide warmth and softness even after a day’s walk. Make sure to find a pair that’s thermo-regulated and equipped with invisible toe seams that will prevent irritation even in your tight hiking shoes. Bamboo and other natural materials are the best choices because you want to stay green on your trip.

Stay dry with a quality rain jacket

You can’t really go wrong with a Rab Kinetic Plus rain jacket. Thanks to their revolutionary material that’s both stretchy and durable, you can expect maximum comfort and breathability. The best part about this model is that it feels more like a soft-shell jacket than a rain shell that restricts movements. However, Women’s Rab Kinetic Plus doesn’t have pit zippers for air circulations, so if you enjoy good ventilation, this might be a deal-breaker for you. The sizing is also a bit small, so if you can’t find your size, you can check out Outdoor Research Helium II or Patagonia Stretch Rainshadow or Storm Racer.


Think about hygiene

While on the road, you can’t always have a shower, so you need to maintain your hygiene in a different way. The best thing you can do for your health is bringing the right underwear. It’s smart to stay away from cotton which takes a lot of time to dry. Instead, grab something high-performance like merino wool or synthetics that will dry quickly and allow your private parts to breathe. Most high-performance underwear for athletes is also antimicrobial and odour-resistant, which is perfect for long hikes in the hot weather. You must also consider what to do with your period. While tampons are great (especially those without an applicator) many female backpackers transitioned to using a menstrual cup. This solution is very eco-friendly and quite convenient once you get used to it. The best part is you can wear it for up to 12 hours which is plenty of time to get you through your day on the trail.

Be safe on the trail

No matter how well-dressed you are, if you can’t see where you’re going, you’ll have to rest for the night. If you love night walks, you need a proper headlamp, something like Black Diamond’s ReVolt Headlamp. This little beast packs up to 350 lumens which is totally mind-blowing for something that size. Since that’s a lot of light, ReVolt is easily dimmable and adjusted to your needs. It uses a new, 1,800 mAh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged or you can grab a pack of AAAs for emergencies. The model will be out in Spring 2020, just in time for a new backpacking season.

With gear like this, you’ll have not only comfortable backpacking trips but also stay stylish in any situation and any environment. Your next backpacking season will be best so far.

By: Diana Smith
Diana is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in social media news and latest startup ideas.



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