How to Create the Ultimate Gaming Room in Your Home


As adults, most of us don't have a lot of time to devote to games, at least not like we did as children. With the demands of work and family to occupy our time, the games we used to love fall by the wayside.

Consider, however, the amount of time you spend vegging out in front of the TV, browsing for new cat videos, or scrolling through Facebook and Instagram posts. Wouldn't you rather spend that time playing video games or classic games with family and friends?

If you miss this leisure activity, it might be time to dust off your old-school Nintendo, pull your arcade games and your pool table out of self-storage, and dedicate space in your home to creating the ultimate gaming room. Here are a few things to consider along the way.

Clear Space

The first thing you need if you want to create the ultimate gaming experience is a suitable room. This could mean transporting still-unopened moving boxes to a local self-storage facility or selling off some of your collectibles on eBay to pay for your game-centric remodeling. Either way, you're going to have to dedicate a bedroom, loft, or basement to this endeavor.

Consider Gaming Options

Gaming is a very personal experience. It's a way to escape from the stresses of daily life and have some fun, whether you do it alone or with friends. You must therefore consider the type of games you want to include in your game room.

Some people enjoy video games. If your vintage arcade games have been relegated to self-storage for a while, it might be time to dust a few off and move them back into your home. You could also set up a modern gaming station complete with a massive monitor that connects to your many devices (PC, gaming consoles, etc.), online access, and of course, captain's chairs for you and your gaming friends.

On the other hand, classic games might be more your speed, in which case you could set up tables for pool, ping-pong, and air hockey, just for example. Maybe you like casino games and you want a complete Vegas-style setup. Or perhaps board games are your favorite pastime.

The point is that there's a world of gaming options to choose from, and most gamers like several different types. You simply have to consider how to best utilize the space you have available and whether you're more likely to game solo or with company in attendance.

Call Down the Darkness

Before you start taking gaming gear from your self-storage facility, it's probably best to get your foundations in place, including appropriate paint, carpeting, and lighting. The last is especially important for optimal enjoyment of your gaming space.

If you want to play video games, a dark interior is a must. This could mean adding heavy blackout drapes or even blocking off windows entirely. One reason basement spaces are such a great option for game rooms (besides the large, open floor plan) is that they are already pretty dark in most cases.

If you plan to incorporate classic game room additions like a pool table, you should install suitable lighting fixtures to illuminate game tables. Don't forget to put them on dimmer switches so you can also create a relaxing atmosphere.

Add Furnishings and Decor

Before you can get to work on your game room, you might have to sell off some old furniture or move it into a nearby self-storage facility. This will give you the space you need to configure game tables, electronic gaming equipment, and perhaps even extras like a bar and seating, for example.

The furniture you add to your game room should be suitable for the type of gaming you prefer. You might add deep, cushy couches, captain's chairs, or even sound egg chairs that are designed for the ultimate video game experience with sound-proof walls and 5.1 surround sound speakers.

If you have arcade and table games, you should probably include versatile seating for guests, such as padded barstools. You should also make sure you have plenty of storage space to keep your game catalog neatly organized.

Next you'll want to decorate this personal space. Decor will naturally be to your taste, but a game room theme could feature sports memorabilia, vintage board games, game-related posters, and so on. Every element you add will help to create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience, so put some thought into not only the gaming options you'll include, but also the furniture and decor if you want to create the ultimate gaming room.


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