6 Business New Year's Resolutions to make 2017 a year to remember


If you want 2017 to be a year to remember for your business, it may be time to make some New Year's Resolutions. By focusing on how the past year has gone, where you want the new year to go, and how you can get there, you have a much better chance of moving your business in the right direction. But don't just make vague plans. Serious resolutions that make sense for your business are the way to go. Consider resolutions in these areas:

1. Look Ahead to Your Goals.

You can't make good resolutions for your business if you don't know what goals your company really has. You need a clear, concrete plan, and one of the ways to get there is to be sure that your business is focused on the goals that matter. Those could be about making more money, hiring more people, expanding into a new product or service area, or anything that you want to make into a priority in the new year.

2. Consider How to Help Your Customers.

If your customers aren't getting what they need from you, they won't keep coming back. They may give you a second or even a third chance, but that's about it. Eventually, they'll get enough of being disappointed, so they won't return. They'll also tell people they were not happy with the product or service they received from you, so that can stop you from getting more customers through the door, too. Don't let that happen to your business. Instead, look at the ways you can keep your customers happy and bring in new ones, too.

3. Think About Location, Storage, and More.

If your business isn't easy to get to, it may be time to consider relocation. That can also be true if you need a bigger space, but it depends on how that space will be used. If you need more room for customers, you need a bigger store. If you need more room for inventory, you could consider renting storage units. By working with a self storage facility, you can find a unit that is the right size and offers proper protection for anything you want to store in it. Then you can move into 2017 with better preparation for your customers and your employees.

4. Update Your Marketing to be More Efficient.

Marketing is one of the keys to getting and keeping customers, and how you handle your business' advertising matters. Your marketing efforts should be very efficient, so you can spend the least amount of money and time for the largest result. That will help your business save money, and still make sure people know what you have to offer to them. If you reach out to your customers in a way they will respond to, getting them interested in your business and helping keep that interest is much easier.

5. Focus on Proper Delegation of Duties.

You need to delegate a lot of the duties of your business, so you aren't trying to do everything all the time. If you don't delegate, you'll be running yourself ragged and won't have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Don't let that happen, when you have employees who can help you avoid that problem. Of course, delegating things the right way is also very important. You have to be sure that employees know what they need to do and that they take their jobs seriously, before you give them new duties to perform.

6. Resolve to Learn a New Skill.

Each year, you should learn something new that you can use to help your business. It can be a skill, an idea, or anything that you didn't know before and can put into practice. By doing that, you'll be more likely to help your business expand and prosper. You can also teach your employees more things, so they can do their jobs better, take on more duties, and develop interests that can help the company and themselves. Happy employees are productive employees, so be sure to keep that in mind when you learn new skills and pass them along to your employees in the new year.


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