5 Packing Hacks to Make Your Move Easier


Moving to a new place can be exciting.  It's awfully fun to find a new space chock full of possibilities.  Unfortunately, the actual process of moving is anything but fun and games.

Luckily, you're not reinventing the wheel.  Plenty of people before you have discovered a variety of ways to make the moving process easier.  Here are some handy hacks that will reduce stress and wasted time in the packing process.

1. Make a Schedule

This might sound less like a hack than extra work on top of all your cleaning and packing.  However, taking a few minutes to create a schedule can actually help you to save a lot of time.

You should start by noting your move date to see how much time you have to work with, after which you can begin penciling in tasks like packing up one room at a time and deep cleaning once they're cleared out.  If you're the thorough sort, you could even create top-to-bottom checklists for each room so you don't forget to dust ceiling fans or replace loose screws.

Being organized does take a bit of prep work, but it will save you time and help to reduce your stress in the moving process.

2. Take Pics and Measurements

When you start packing, you needn't necessarily spend time creating packing lists so you know exactly what's in every box.  Instead, take pics with your smartphone, both of the inside and outside of each box (with a room and box number written on the top).

This way you can compare and spot missing boxes or objects immediately.  As a bonus, you'll have proof of condition if anything is damaged during the move.

You should also take measurements for your new home or apartment before moving.  This is especially important when it comes to ensuring that furniture will fit through doorways and up staircases.  If it won't fit, there's no sense paying to move it; sell oversized furniture and purchase something suitable after you move in.

You can also use mobile apps to help you with the moving process, from those that offer checklists for your move, to those that take measurements of rooms, to those that help you to document the packing process with pics and lists for boxes.

Some of these apps are free and some are paid, but you should always read reviews to make sure the apps deliver what you need and that other users have found them helpful.

3. Get Creative

Instead of paying for packing supplies, you can use your clothing and linens to wrap breakable objects like dishware and nick nacks or protect your pots, pans, artwork, and even electronics from scratches.  As for glassware, go to a local liquor or grocery store and ask for wine or liquor boxes with partitions - you can probably get empties for free.

You can also save some time on packing and unpacking with common sense hacks.  Why throw all your silverware in Ziploc bags when you can wrap your whole silverware tray in plastic wrap and keep everything right where it belongs?

As for your clothing, you needn't pull it off hangers at all.  Zip tie bundles of 5-10 hangers together and then slip trash bags up over the bottom and tie them to the top of the hangers.  Place whole bundles in boxes and you can quickly re-hang your entire closet as soon as you move in.

4. Stage and Store

If you're selling your home as part of the move, you'll want to clean and stage it for viewing.  This means moving out a lot of your stuff.  Luckily, packing it up and putting in storage for a couple of months means it's all ready to go when it's time to move into your new place.

5. Hire Help

The best moving hack is to hire a professional moving company to literally do the heavy lifting.  Not only will they load and transport all your stuff, but many also offer moving supplies (boxes, blankets, dollies, etc.) and some will even get your entire house packed up for you.

If you want to avoid the time and hassle generally associated with preparing for a move, there's no better way than paying someone else to do it for you.  Don't have the cash?  No problem.  Enlist the aid of your friends and pay them in pizza or promises of equivalent favors down the road.


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