Self Storage Basics for College Students


If you're anything like most college students, over the course of your academic career you may have fallen into the habit of collecting stuff. As we all know, clearly buying a pinball machine and investing in a priceless collection of Halloween costumes are items that you'll value and want to keep in your possession your entire life!

Unfortunately, we both know dorm room space is tight, and your parents already assume that you have enough stuff and aren't exactly flattered by the idea of you bringing home more boxes to take up space in the garage. So, what's a college student to do?

Two words: self storage. When you decide to keep your extra items offsite in a storage locker, all you have to do is find the correct unit for your needs, and use it to store all of your stuff! If you play your cards right, you can find a self storage unit next to campus and even eliminate the hassle of taking your belongings home over summer. Self storage units are a perfect solution for over-cluttered college students.  Read below to learn the basics about self storage for college students.

Choose the Right Self Storage Facility

Hey, college student, think fast, here comes a pop quiz: what happens when we live in a capitalist society? It means you have options! In the world of self storage, there are plenty of companies that will compete for your business and, since you have options, you owe it to yourself to find the right unit for your needs!

To begin with, some self storage units offer students a college discount. If you learn anything from this article, learn this: open your mouth and ask questions, you'll be surprised about the answers you will receive! Check to see if self storage units offer a college discount as saving money is always wise.

Secondly, consider the cost as you research different self storage units. Some self storage companies have units right next campus. This is really convenient because instead of having to lug your belongings back to your home over the summer, you can simply leave them next to campus.  However, there is a cost for this convenience, meaning this type of self storage unit may be priced slightly higher then, say, self storage units placed a few miles outside of town.

What I'm saying is you need to determine what you value more; convenience of location or cost of a self storage unit. Whatever you decide, that's where you should begin to look.

Look for Self Storage Units in Safe Areas

When you're looking into renting a self storage unit, choose the companies that have a reputation for strong security and have facilities in safe neighborhoods.  There will be times when you will be going to storage unit at night and by yourself. Make sure that you choose a facility that you feel comfortable visiting at night.  Unfortunately, bad people do exist and you want to avoid being anyone’s target.

Book Your Self Storage Unit Early

Guess what, you're not the only person in the world that wants to invest in a self storage unit. Do yourself a favor and beat the rush by booking your unit early!  You don’t want to spend hours looking for the best storage unit that fits all of your needs only to find that they don’t have any units available!

Choose the Size You Need

It's time to get down to the nitty gritty; it's time to choose the proper size. Clearly, not everyone who uses self storage needs the exact same amount of space. If you're only storing a futon, there's no need to rent out a 10' X 30' foot space and if you want to store a car you wouldn't dream about renting a 5' X 5' unit.

That being said, choose the right size that fits your needs.  Most college students can rent a 5' X 5' unit or a 5' X 10' unit and have more than enough space for their belongings.

Pack Your Belongings

This is it! We're almost done. The final step is to pack your belongings. Make sure you make an effort to stay organized and do the basics: heavier items on the bottom, only pack clean, dry clothes etc.  The more efficient you pack then the more room you'll save for yourself.

Congratulations, you've learned the basics of self storage! Now breath easy and watch yourself magically have more room for your stuff!

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