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Take a bite of the Big Apple, New York City

New York City also known as the Big Apple is the largest city in the United States and home to a vast array of different cultures. The Big Apple, home to the largest populations of Chinese and Puerto Ricans people as well as a multitude of other nationalities and speaking almost 800 different languages making it a true American melting pot. Interestedly, New York City the most densely populated city in the US and has almost 26,000 people living in each square mile making space a rare commodity. New York City, home to some of the tallest buildings is also one of the most expensive when it comes to real estate.

New York self Storage facilities offer all kinds and sizes of units to house any belongings that don’t fit in your residence. Whether it is seasonal items, luggage or regular household items, a self-storage unit in New York City can accommodate what you need to store. If you live in Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan, there are plenty of self storage units near you to accommodate your needs.

Moving to a new city is never easy. Couple that with moving to one of the most populated cities in America and you have quite a task on your hands. In a transient city like New York, we know that storage is needed for many reasons: including temporary storage while you find your new place to settle in, summer and winter break storage for the many college students who flock to the city, or long-term storage as many apartments are small and don’t offer ample storage space for your belongings.

Whatever the reason for your needs, let EZstorit.com take the worry and work out of finding the right New York self storage unit for you. With a simple click of your mouse you have all of New York’s self storage places right on your computer screen. From here you are able to navigate through prices, hours, and sizes based on your needs and not have to comb through the listings that don’t apply to you.

We Leave Nothing to the Imagination

Unlike other websites, EZstorit.com provides all of the vital information you need when making your storage decisions. Simply type in your zip code and watch the available units populate.

Because you may be new to the area, the handy map helps you determine where exactly the storage unit is in proximity to your new place, so you are able to conveniently access it when you need your belongings.

EZstorit.com also provides all hours of operation and services offered at each storage location, which takes away the need to call each individual place to find out if their services are going to work for you. Here you will also find if there is limited availability in certain locations,so you can make the best possible choice in the quickest amount of time.

People icon, ezstorit.comPlaces of interest in New York City

New York City, the city that never sleeps is home to Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. New York City also offers a vast array of entertainment and cultural options from theatres on Broadway, Radio City Music Hall, The Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum, and the Guggenheim. Rich in history, New York City has a variety of fun and interesting things to do that are free. From the world famous Central Park to Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Brewery, to the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, everyone is sure to find something interesting to do.

New York City is also a shopper’s paradise with the first and most famous store on 34 Street, Macy’s. Macy’s boasts over 11 stories in which to shop. However, a trip to New York City would not be complete without doing a little window shopping along the famous Fifth Avenue. Fifth Avenue is home to designer stores such as Saks Fifth Ave, Tiffany & Co., Bergdorf Goodman, Cartier, Versace, Gucci and Prada to name a few for the fashion conscious. And for the young at heart, you can find FAO Schwarz and American Girl along Fifth Avenue as well.

cityCities in Metropolitan New York Area

New York City consists of five boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Each borough is also a county within the State of New York. Manhattan is home to some of the most well known neighborhoods like Chinatown, Wall Street, Midtown, Lenox Hill and Harlem. Over 1 million people each work day commute to Manhattan from nearby cities such as Yonkers, Jamaica, Long Island or Hempstead but also from cities in New Jersey and Connecticut.

We Offer it All

Looking to store more than just holiday decorations and seasonal clothing? Look no further. Many of our venders offer New York auto storage units to keep your car safe and sound while you are not using it. We know that car storage in New York is hard to come by and most often not available at apartment buildings, so let us take the worry out of vandalism or the expense of parking in the wrong spot and having your car towed. Knowing your car is in a safe spot and accessible when you need it is great peace of mind.

New York City is the perfect location to experience all of the seasons. Hot sun in the summer means trips to the Hamptons and roof-top swimming. Cold winters mean many inches of snow and ice and winter boots. What it doesn’t have to mean is melted, warped, frozen or cracked belongings. With EZstorit.com we offer the best climate controlled units in New York to make sure everything stays just as you put it. When the time comes to remove your items from storage they will be damage-free and ready to go.

Easy Access for When You Need it Most

In the city that doesn’t sleep, your need to access your belongings at all hours of the night are greater than other areas around the country. Many of our New York self storage units offer not only 24/7 access to your things, but also offer video surveillance to maintain a high level of safety for your belongings and yourself. In the most populated city in the country, safety can never be overlooked.

If your storage needs include the constant need to add or remove things from your unit, you may want to consider the option of drive up storage units in New York. With these units you can actually drive your car or truck right up to your unit door and easily load and unload without the worry of using a dolly down a long hallway to get to your spot. Even though these units are outside and not housed in a building, many still offer safety features like video surveillance or a night-time guard to maximize your safety.

Act Now, These Deals Won’t Last

With storage becoming more and more popular as the city continues to grow, acting fast to get the most desirable location and finding the best price for your budget is essential. EZstorit.com works hard to make you aware of all of the best deals out there, but they surely won’t last long. While we recommend you do your research and are 100% comfortable and satisfied with your decision, we encourage you to act once you find the perfect New York City storage unit for your needs.

We know you will be more than happy with everything that EZstorit.com has to offer. Check it out today!