The 10 Best Places To Travel In The United States


Who said you had to travel abroad to have a great time? You can join the millions of other domestic and international travelers who spent $683.1 billion on leisurely travels in America (in 2016).

There are plenty of great places to see right here in the homeland. If you’re like most people, you haven’t traveled to more than a handful of states.

You can change this by planning your next vacation to one of the best places to travel in America. At least, this way, you won’t have to worry about hiccups in your travels due to President Trump’s travel ban.

Continue reading to get ideas for your next travel destination.

Asheville, North Carolina

When you think of a fun vacation in America, this is likely the last place you’d think of (if at all). But Asheville, North Carolina makes it to the list of best places to travel because it’s an eccentric and innovative little city. It has gained the spotlight of America for good reason.

It’s a welcoming place and is the home to various creative minds. You can find over 200 artists showcasing their exhibits in the River Arts District. But art isn’t the only thing Asheville’s citizens are creating.

Various venues are crafting spirits and beers locally, which goes nicely with the meals created by local James Beard-nominated chefs.

Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy kayaking, floating and paddling on the local river. Or they can hike the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Come visit the biggest chewy candy retailer in America – Licorice International. There are plenty of other specialty shops, farmers’ markets and art galleries worth checking out.

You’ll likely run into University of Nebraska’s students riding bikes on trails and hitting up the local music clubs. What really makes this city unique is its Sudanese, Vietnamese and various other ethnic communities.

The mix of cultures likely stems from Lincoln’s long history of resettling refugees.

Western Washington

The west coast is on most people’s bucket lists and can you blame them? There’s so much to see and do! The iconic landscapes are definitely worth a cross-country road trip. You’ve likely seen them featured in popular TV shows like Twin Peaks and movies like Twilight.

Outdoor enthusiasts can venture over to Mt Rainier National Park. Afterward, you can enjoy a farm-to-table meal at restaurants like the San Juan Islands. The opening of pot shops and micro-distilleries have also attracted people of all types.

If you’re looking for a beautiful getaway near forests and mountains, this is the place to go.

Southern California Desert

Never been to Coachella Valley’s low desert? If you haven’t been recently, it’s worth checking out again. This place features plenty of hip places to stay, including hotels and rental homes.

Twice a year, you can find the Modernism Week festivals, which suits this mid-century, yet modern town. If you want to bring some of the décor home, you can visit the vintage stores nearby. You’ll occasionally find bikers and rock climbers frequenting the Palm Springs Aerial Tram to get to Joshua Tree National Park.

Let’s not forget about the infamous music festival Coachella that thousands travel to each year.

Maui, Hawaii

It’s one of America’s few exotic treasures. The islands of Hawaii are still a treat for Americans to enjoy, so why not catch a flight (or cruise) here? It may not be as bustling as Kauai and Oahu, but that doesn’t seem to keep tourists away.

Everything these beautiful islands have to offer can be found at Maui. This includes golf, hula dancers, snorkeling, wildlife, culture, and history.

Let’s not forget the gorgeous beaches. Maui is a popular wedding and honeymoon destination for a reason – it’s scenic breathtaking setting!

San Francisco, California

When you think of San Francisco, you can’t help but think of free-spirited creatives and those with a zeal for adventure. It’s one of the cities in the Golden State where people go to follow their dreams. There’s no shortage of edgy art, exquisite cuisine, and nightlife venues.

There’s something here for just about everyone. You have your cozy cafes, booming clubs, and world-class restaurants. If you’re not much of a partier, you can always enjoy quiet time admiring the gorgeous views of the city.

The culture here is vibrant – few people leave here without taking a piece of San Francisco home.

New York City

What’s there not to like about the Big Apple? Even those who’ve been here will find new things to discover each time they visit. The towering skyscrapers and big-city experience leaves a lasting impression.

There’s a reason it makes it to the list of best places to travel. Beyond the beautiful landscape, there are intriguing indie boutiques, coffee shops and bakeries to enjoy.

Then there’s the mind-blowing artwork displayed in collections at the Met and MoMa. Broadway is still very much alive and well, with wonderful shows displaying all the time.

Flathead Valley, Montana

Now, let’s take it back to what really makes America great – the good ol’ Wild Wild West. At Montana’s Flathead Valley, you’ll get plenty of sky, mountains, and bears.

You can find this located to the west of the Continental Divide not too far from Glacier National Park. This large piece of land is massive. To give you some perspective, this already-large area was increased by another 67,000 acres in 2015.

It deserves the title as the biggest wilderness area in the lower 48 states. What’s there to do here? How about hiking through seemingly endless fields of wildflowers to aquamarine lakes? In the distance, you’ll see picturesque backdrops of glacial peaks. So don’t forget the camera!

Atlanta, Georgia

Another major city makes it to the list of best places to travel. This metropolis is home to a state-of-the-art stadium, which is now used by the new Major League Soccer team. Traveling through this crowded city is a lot easier if you park the car and walk along The Beltline.

Here, you can walk, bike or jog. In the east, you can find innovative restaurants and brew pubs surrounded by beautiful neighborhoods.

The Living Walls project is a sight to see, along with the Tiny Doors installations you can find throughout the city.

The Adirondacks, New York

There’s more to New York than busy streets and skyscrapers. In the Adirondacks, you can see how residents get the best of both worlds. It features beautiful natural settings, including lakes, streams, and forests.

Never heard of it? Maybe you heard of Bigfoot – this is where he’s commonly spotted. You can get a bird's eye view of the area from the Tupper Lake forest canopy. Choose to either walk along or pedal power on a rail bike to Lake Clear and Saranac.

A rail bike is just as it sounds – a bike attached to what was previously a train track. Exciting indeed!

Turning the Best Places to Travel to Best Place to Live

This list of best places to travel is an eye-opener for many. Those who venture out to see these destinations may just want to relocate. And when that happens, they will need a moving company.

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