Should You Invest in a Climate-Controlled Self Storage Unit?


At some point in your life, you may feel the need to de-clutter your home, downsize, or relocate. All these scenarios compel you to find the perfect place where you could store your personal belongings safely and conveniently. In this particular context, self storage may just be the best solution for you. Here’s the catch: self storage units vary a great deal in terms of size, amenities and prices. Modern storage spaces often come with additional features, such as climate control. At the end of the day, the most pressing question that you should answer before renting a unit is this: should you pay extra for a climate-controlled unit?

Discover the Benefits of a Climate-Controlled Unit

Humidity control and temperature control can help you prevent damages associated with excessive heat, cold or high humidity levels. Climate controlled units protect your personal belongings by:

  • Maintaining an optimal level of humidity inside your unit
  • Preserving a safe temperature inside your storage space

What Kind of Personal Belongings Would Require Climate Control?

The truth is that not all people who are contemplating the idea of renting self storage unit actually need climate control. In many cases, traditional storage options are reliable enough to satisfy a large category of prospects. Also, people who only plan to leave their goods in storage for a short period of time can settle for units that are not climate-controlled. However, it goes without saying that climate control is a feature displayed by premium self storage alternatives suitable for people who do not want to take any chances when it comes to depositing their valuables. Just think about it: wouldn’t you want to recreate the perfect storage conditions for items that have a high emotional or historical value?

Some clients would gladly spend a few extra dollars to make sure that their most expensive personal belongings are being kept in excellent condition. Several categories of goods, such as electronics, paperwork, antiques or furniture can be easily affected by radical changes in temperature and humidity. This is where climate controlled units prove their utility. Units that ensure humidity control keep humidity levels at approximately 55%, preventing potential damages that may be difficult or impossible to address. For example, elevated humidity levels may become responsible for warped wooden furniture or cracked leather goods. Moreover, climate-controlled units maintain an ideal temperature inside the storage unit (usually below 90 °F) by relying on a modern heating and cooling unit. Considering that extreme temperatures can impact the aspect and functionality of a wide range of goods, including videotapes, leather and wooden surfaces, it becomes obvious that climate control is a handy extra that could help you preserve the value of the objects that you wish to leave in storage.

Should You Be Worried about the Extra Costs?

All in all, one thing’s certain: you have decided to rent a self storage unit because you care about your personal belongings. One day, you will probably want to sell or reuse them. This means that you should spare no efforts when it comes to identifying the ideal storage space for your valuables. Naturally, you will want to weigh all options and compare them in terms of costs and features. In order to make an informed decision, you should know that climate controlled units can be anywhere from 35% to 50% more expensive than their traditional counterparts. To determine whether or not this additional expense is justifiable, take a closer look at the goods that you want to store. If you are seeking a safe temporary home for metal appliances, sports equipment, paperwork, bedding, mattresses, electronics and leather goods, choose to invest a little bit more in a unit with climate control, which could help you avoid damages associated with humidity and temperature fluctuations.

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