Self Storage Employee Scholarship Winner - Marissa Gorjizadeh


Just as it is with the Get Ahead Scholarship, we have received hundreds of applications from self storage facilities all over the US and Canada for our first ever EZstorit Self Storage Employee Scholarship. It’s not easy juggling work at a self-storage facility while at the same time pursuing a college degree. It takes drive, time-management skills, focus and above all determination. It is with our extreme honor to announce our first recipient of our EZstorit Self Storage Employee Scholarship - Marissa Gorjizadeh!

Marissa, currently an employee at Storage Inn Self Storage located in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada and is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University.

Self Storage Employee Scholarship - Marissa GorjizadehMarissa has learned to be confident, resilient and positive! Not always this way, Marissa began her fitness journey 4 years ago, not an easy task for an amputee, “I was extremely shy, lost, and not confident with myself” Marissa writes. “When I feel my uttermost “invincible self” is when I am at the gym! My weightlifting prosthetic device gives me the ability to do pull ups, jump rope, deadlift, squat, push-ups, and utilizes different pieces of equipment at the gym” she continues. Being consistent with her training and diet regime, she has become more confident, independent, resilient and most of all courageous. . The gym is a place that Marissa feels most comfortable, resilient, and courageous. Marissa says, “A place that I know I can do ANYTHING and I never have the thought coming to mind that I have an absent limb”.

While not at her job at Storage Inn, you will find her conditioning at the gym in order to compete in bodybuilding competitions. And compete she does! Marissa and her invincible self, took Gold at the 2019 New Brunswick Natural Championships i n the Woman’s Bikini Class C. “And the winner of Bikini Class C goes to…Number 47 Marissa Gorjizadeh! The girls in my category hug and congratulate me while tears filled my eyes. I remember distinctively this was the moment I genuinely believed in myself and my abilities. This moment was a stepping stone for me to not only achieve great things in the bodybuilding competition world, but with life in general. I truly understood the meaning behind if you set your mind to something it is destined to happen, regardless of your weaknesses. I have learned that the absence of my limb has made me become a more ambitious person and has shifted my mindset to the approach of constant high achieving in every aspect of my life” states Marissa.

Marissa’s determination and confidence will serve her well in her business management and accounting classes. We are extremely proud to award her $1000 from the 2020 EZstorit Self Storage Employee Scholarship for use towards her college expenses. We wish Marissa luck, but know that her determination in achieving great things will bring her much success in everything she does. We are humbled to be a small part of it. Best wishes Marissa!

Soon, we will be announcing the online opening of the EZstorit Self Storage Employee Scholarship application. This scholarship is available to current self storage employees and their immediate family members in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada.

By: Lee Preston
Lee is the Director of Marketing and Promotion for When she is not working with our storage facilities partners, she is writing about topics that affect our daily lives.


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