Recreational Uses for Self Storage Units Near You


If there are storage units near you there are some really great opportunities to use them for more than just holding some extra stuff. A lot of people use these units when they're moving from one house to the next, or if they're living in a house that was smaller than their last one.

But you don't have to use them that way. You can also use them in recreational ways, and there are two different options for that. You can store recreational vehicles and items, or you can actually use the storage space for recreation.

You may also want to consider getting storage insurance, to protect the things you have in your unit or the ways you're using it. That can give you more peace of mind, and make sure you won't lose things you worked hard for or that are important to you.

Protecting what matters is what insurance is for, and it doesn't have to be on just your house, car, and business. Here are just a few of the great ways to use mini storage options, and explore all the ways you can enjoy the storage facilities that are nearby.

Turn Your Storage Space Into a Music Studio

Need to make some music? Want to have a place that's quiet, where you can explore new sounds and record when the mood strikes you? One of the ways to do that is to take your storage unit and turn it into a music studio. You can get a mini-sized unit, or a much larger one, depending on what works best for you and how much musical equipment you have.

But no matter the size of the unit you choose, this is a great way to use a storage unit for something unique, and for a recreational option that a lot of people probably wouldn't think of. Most people only use these units for actual storage. Within reason (and by following the contract with the facility), though, they can often be used for other things, as well.

Many storage spaces don't have power outlets, so you could be limited to acoustic equipment and a computer, or to options that are designed to be used with a generator or a battery. Still, that leaves you a lot of opportunities, and can even provide you with plenty of privacy if you close the door. Since you aren't in a place where people live or sleep, you won't have to worry about too much noise from your musical adventures bothering your neighbors. That can make a storage unit a great option for a music studio.

Make Your Space a Fitness Center

Need to work out, but don't have the room in your house? Not interested in joining a gym, or don't have one close to you? If you can find a storage facility, you can turn your rented unit into a fitness center. It's not complicated, and you can get whatever equipment you want to use and that will fit inside.

Depending on your particular fitness goals, you may want to get a mini unit, or one that's a lot bigger. Also keep in mind that most units don't have power, so operating something like a treadmill that has to be plugged in may not be realistic. There are treadmills that don't require power, though, and many other types of workout equipment you can consider for your space.

You can even bring some music, a cold drink, and a post-workout snack, so you can enjoy yourself and get closer to your fitness goals. When you have your own dedicated fitness center, you can work out when you want, and you don't need to worry about trying to find space in your house for the exercise equipment you need.

It's a Quiet Place for Band Practice

If you have a garage band, but you don't have a garage, or if the neighbors are complaining because of the noise, consider moving your band practice to a storage facility. You don't have to worry about how much noise you're making, and you have a great, secure place for everyone to keep their instruments when they aren't using them, too.

Band practice can be a lot of fun when you're not worried about bothering anyone. It gives everyone in the band the chance to really explore what their instruments can do. You'll also get the opportunity to try out new music, get together when it's convenient, and practice nearly anytime, since many storage options are available during normal business hours and beyond.

Whether you're in a marching band or you're developing your own sound with a band of locals who enjoy music, you can really appreciate the value you'll get from a storage location where you can spend time perfecting your songs. From trying to get a record deal to playing local clubs, you'll be ready when you have a great place to practice.

Sell Girl Scout Cookies the Convenient Way

Every year, Girl Scout cookie time comes around. It's a popular option with girls of nearly all ages, and it's also a very popular option for people in the community who want the cookies. But it's not always easy to find places to sell the cookies. Some stores won't allow you to set up in front of them, and there may already be a scout troop at the other ones.

Fortunately, a storage unit can solve your problems. If you're allowed to do business out of the unit itself, it's the perfect place to store the cookies securely and let people come to you. If they're from the area, they probably already know the address, so it's more likely that you'll get them coming to the unit. You can also take the cookies and sell them in other locations, but they'll have a great home base and secure storage you can count on.

Before selling cookies directly from the unit, though, it's very important to make sure that you're aware of any requirements in the storage facility contract. If you don't have a mini storage contract, ask for one and read it carefully. Not all storage facilities allow for selling from the units. If they do, they might require you to have storage insurance that's more than just the basic coverage, too.

A Storage Unit is Great for a Collection

Are you a collector, but you don't have a lot of space at your house? If you want somewhere to store and protect -- or even display -- your collection, one of the best ways to do that is in a storage unit. You can get mini units, medium-sized ones, and those that are much larger. You can even rent a unit that's big enough to store a recreational vehicle or a boat.

That's plenty of room for a collection, even if you have larger items in it, or duplicates of the things you like the best. With the right storage options, you can also choose something that's climate controlled. Then you can feel safe and secure, and have peace of mind, knowing that your collection will be protected from the elements.

When you want to show off your collection, or you want to change out a couple of the pieces in your house for ones you have in storage, it's easy and convenient to do so. You can even change them with the seasons, or display more of them for special occasions. You'll have a lot of options when you use a storage unit.

You Can Keep Your Recreational Vehicles/Items in One Place

If you have recreational vehicles or items, keeping them all in one place can be a great way to use a storage facility. ATVs and wave runners can be easily stored in most units, so they're ready when you are. Also, if you have fishing equipment, canoes or kayaks, tents, motorcycles, or other types of "toys" that are designed for the outdoors, a storage unit can be an excellent choice.

That way you have all your recreational needs in one location, and can pick and choose what you want to enjoy that day, without the need to travel to different places or move from unit to unit, to find what you're looking for. A storage location can be particularly beneficial for bigger vehicles like side-by-sides, or for boats and motorcycles.

Also consider using one if you don't have a garage, so you can keep your recreational items and small vehicles out of the elements and enjoy everything they have to offer. Just having them parked in your yard or driveway could be a bad choice, since they're at risk of damage from the weather and might not be safe. They'll be much more secure in a storage unit, where you don't have to worry about their level of protection.

Overall, there are a lot of recreational uses for self storage. It's great to store things, of course, but make sure you're open to other ways you can use the space, too. By encouraging your band to meet there, selling Girl Scout cookies, or displaying your collection of art, models, or anything else, you can make the very best use of the space you've rented.

There's no reason to put any of your items at risk, upset the neighbors with too much band practice, or put items in your home when you really don't have the room for them. Instead, you can focus on all the great ways you can rent a unit from a storage facility and really find a way to make the space your own.

By Jerilyn Alvarez
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