Preparing the Kids and Pets For a Long Distance Move


Moving long distance can have its benefits, but there's also stress involved. A lot of that stress can revolve around trying to move children and pets, because there are entertainment and logistical issues that have to be addressed. So what can be done to make it easier on everyone? How can you help your children and your pets get from one place to another on a long distance move with a minimum of fuss? Fortunately, there are a lot of different options that can be considered so kids and pets can be a part of a long distance move and everyone can get to their new home as happily as possible.

What Do the Kids Need to Know?

Kids who are moving long distance need information that's appropriate for their ages. They should clearly understand that they don't get a say in the move, and that the choice of whether to move is not up to them. It is up to the parents, whether they are moving for work, military service, or another reason. A long distance move can be stressful on children, but there are ways to make it easier. Making it non-negotiable can be one of those ways, because it is an excellent way to reduce complaining, begging, bargaining, or other tactics that children might use to try to get a move stopped if they don't want to leave their current location.

How Can You Keep Kids Busy During Travel?

Keeping kids busy when you move long distance is a very important part of making the trip easier on everyone. For long flights, train trips, and drives, children need something they can enjoy and get lost in. That can include books, coloring pages, and electronic devices they can use to play games or watch videos. Some vehicles have DVD players, as well, and travel models can be purchased inexpensively for vehicles that don't have their own built into them. Playing games with children during travel can also be fun, but it's generally not going to be something that works for an entire long distance trip.

Do Pets Need Some Advance Training?

Pets may not be good travelers if they haven't had the chance to travel with you in the past. That can make your pets jittery and upset, which can cause them to have accidents, refuse food, and make a lot of noise during the trip. Additionally, it's not good for their stress levels if they aren't traveling well. For longer trips, stopping frequently and allowing your dog time for a walk will be needed. Cats can generally do well in a cage, but they need one big enough for a litter box, food, and water. They aren't going to be able to take a long distance trip in a carrier, and larger accommodations will be needed. Any pet should also be taken on shorter rides, as well, so they have time to become better acclimated to trips.

Is Medicating Your Pet the Right Idea?

In some cases, it may be necessary to medicate your pet. Your veterinarian can provide you with medications that will make your pet more relaxed, but they'll still be awake and aware on the trip. There are medications that can make them drowsy, and also medications that can reduce anxiety. Much like anti-anxiety medications for people, these kinds of options for your pets can make it easier for them to travel on a long distance trip. When the trip is easier for your pet, it's easier for you, as well.

In short, kids need plenty to do and pets need to be relaxed and comfortable when traveling. When kids are bored and pets are stressed and nervous, it's a long trip for everyone. You can make your long distance move much easier when you prepare your kids and your pets for it ahead of time. With careful planning, the move can be much easier.


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