Premium Amenities That Could Upgrade Your Self-Storage Experience


Recent statistics reveal the fact that almost 1 in 10 families rely on rented self-storage space to deposit the things they no longer use on a day-to-day basis. The self storage industry is flourishing on a national scale, and giant players operating in this field are confident that this market can expand even further in the years to come, adding thousands of storage units to the market.

Coping with the Wind of Change

Nonetheless, as everyday people are constantly bombarded with numerous offers made by local self storage facilities, they realize that they can afford to be extremely selective. The competition on this niche can be fierce; this is why the most successful self storage operators will be the ones who will manage to adapt their business to new demands and market challenges. It’s no secret that clients have a thing for freebies and bargains. They also appreciate professional services and luxury extras enhancing their level of comfort. How can this reality inspire the changes that many self storage businesses are ready to undergo? The answer is simple: some of the best facilities are already stepping up their game by offering their customers unlimited access to a wide range of premium amenities and services designed to ensure a flawless self-storage experience.

Top Amenities That Can Add Value to Any Self Storage Facility

Here are a few examples of such additions representing the core of a smart client retention strategy.

Modern Conference Rooms. Many people choose to rent an inexpensive storage space to expand or develop their own business. But sometimes, a 5’x5’ unit just won’t do, especially when it comes to organizing private meetings, hosting productive brainstorming sessions and interacting with potential clients. Some self-storage facilities have decided to address this need by putting spacious, fully equipped conference rooms at their clients’ disposal.

A Luxury Apartment for a More Motivated Resident Manager. Onsite managers are an incredibly valuable asset for any self-storage facility. They can respond to the clients’ questions and concerns in a timely fashion and offer them the expert tips that they may require when it comes to choosing the right unit, packing or organizing their goods or managing their inventory. Dependable managers have to be properly motivated and most facility owners are fully aware of this fact; this is why some self storage developers have projected lavishing apartments for onsite managers. These indoor spaces can feature some of the most luxurious amenities that one could dare to dream about, such as granite countertops, fireplaces and walk-in closets. In this case, the lesson is simple: satisfied employees lead to an increased number of happy clients who are more inclined to stay by your side and recommend your business in their circle of friends, partners and coworkers.

Free Access to Business Tools and Equipment. Many self-storage facilities also ensure access to a wide array of tools, equipment and services, such as package delivery and acceptance, free Wi-Fi, fax machines and computers, in an attempt to create the perfect business environment for their clients.

Inviting Premises with Plenty of Curb Appeal. What if a storage facility wouldn’t look like a run-of-the-mill commercial building at all? Believe it or not, some businessmen have chosen to promote their facilities in an effective manner by simply enhancing their curb appeal. A few potted plants and a couple of rocking chairs can do wonders for the outdoor area of any property, allowing their owners to create a friendly, welcoming ambiance and ultimately a place where their clients can relax and feel extremely comfortable.

Today’s self-storage units vary a great deal in size, amenities and price tags. This is precisely why you shouldn’t let their price become the sole selection criteria that you can apply to filter different options and find the best self storage facility in your area. Go for a unit that helps you unlock a plethora of useful services and amenities and let these extras upgrade your self-storage experience. For the best rentals, check out the offers made by EZStorit, use its online storage guide to spot the perfect unit size for you and profit from significant discounts.


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