Portable Storage Versus Self Storage: Which Option Would Work Best for You?


Why Is the Self Storage Industry Thriving?

Moreover, according to the data provided by the Self Storage Association, the average size of a primary storage facility is estimated at 56,400 sq. ft. In other words, every single woman, man or child living in the U.S. can count on 7.3 square feet of perfectly usable self storage space. All these numbers indicate that smart storage options are the best solution that you could explore when downsizing, moving into a new home or de-cluttering your living spaces. Nonetheless, those who want to benefit from a 100% satisfying storage experience should weigh their options very carefully and select the one that works best for them. In this context, should you opt for portable storage or self storage? To answer this question as accurately as possible, start by analyzing the pros and cons of each alternative.

Things You Should Know about Portable Storage

If you’re relocating to another city or state and want to deposit some of your goods in a safe, clean spot for a short period of time, then portable storage could be a good pick for you. This storage option is pretty popular these days because it’s cheaper than the full services provided by most moving companies. Prices vary a great deal based on your location and the company that you choose to do business with; however, expect to pay around $230 per month for a moving container that is big enough to accommodate all the contents of a 1,200 square-foot house or apartment. Instead of contracting movers or renting trucks, you could always rent a portable container. The provider of such mobile storage solutions will send the container at your address and then ship it to a certain location or store in a facility. However, you should keep in mind that delivery costs could easily inflate your bill, so in case you have to access your stored goods on a regular basis, it would be wiser to rely on a flexible self storage option.

Key Aspects to Consider Before Renting Self Storage Space Self storage is praised by so many Americans who want to stash some of the items that they no longer use, make an uncomplicated, inexpensive local move, or downsize their homes. In short, this alternative is compatible with the necessities and expectations of prospects who:

  • Can drive their possessions to their local self storage facility of choice
  • Are looking for a safe and secure temporary home for their goods allowing them to profit from flexible payment plans and convenient working hours
  • Want to be able to choose from a plethora of indoor spaces varying in size, price and features (a 5’x5’ unit could cost you around 50 dollars per month, while a 20’x20’ room could take more than 220 dollars out of your pockets on a monthly basis.)

If you feel that self storage is the key element designed to simplify your existence and boost the appeal and functionality of your indoors, start by comparing the best deals available near you. Find a great unit with a little help from EZStorit and meet dependable facility owners who strive to ensure the best storage conditions for your personal belongings.


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