Pallets, pallets and pallets! The many ways to upcycle/recycle old wooden pallets.


There is a great deal of satisfaction in taking something that was going to be discarded and turning it into something new. Wooden pallets are made to transport goods from factories and warehouses to stores all around you. Often, they are made with strong wood that can serve inside your home and out as furniture, decor or something else. Some pallet projects require nothing more than some basic tools and a few nails or glue. Others require a little more equipment and know-how. Not sure where to start? Consider the possibilities of these pallet upcycling projects below:

1. Save space with this pallet towel rack.

No linen closet? With this upcycled pallet towel rack, you won't miss it. Hooks on the rack can hang wet towels up to dry. The clever vertical space, meanwhile, offer a way to both store and display your clean towels. Choose hardware and a stain color that suit your tastes and decor for a truly one of a kind showpiece.

2. Sleep well on a pallet bed frame. 

If you like industrial or rustic decor, a pallet platform bed can be a perfect choice. Both memory foam mattresses and futons are great companions to this style of bed. Depending on the plans that you use, your cost for your bed frame can be less than $100 and take only around two hours to complete. This leaves you plenty of extra funds for details like plush pillows and high thread count sheets. 

3. Go green with a pallet compost bin.

There are so many advantages to building a compost bin from discarded pallets. First, you are taking an item out of the waste stream while preventing the need for new materials to be used. Next, the act of composting, in itself, is very environmentally-friendly. And, finally, you are able to save a significant amount of money. The supplies for a pallet compost bin only cost a few dollars, where a good-quality purchased compost bin can cost $100 or more. The one caveat is to know the source of the pallets for this project. Some pallets are pressure treated. Pressure treating involves the use of chemicals that can leach into soil and contaminate homegrown vegetables. If you are unable to confirm that your pallets are not pressure treated, use the compost you make only on ornamental plants. 

4. Separate your space with a pallet room divider.

Have a small space that you'd like to split into multiple purposes? Or, are you on the other end of the spectrum, with a "great room" that you've decided isn't that great after all? Room dividers allow you to maximize space and designate areas for specific tasks. If nothing else, they are great at hiding that clutter that doesn't quite fit into your closets. A room divider made with horizontal boards of contrasting pallet wood adds texture and warmth to a room along with functionality.

5. Hang it all up with a pallet pot rack. 

Pot racks increase the storage space in your kitchen while also allowing you to display some of your prettiest kitchen gear. If your kitchen tool collection threatens to overwhelm your current cabinets, putting a few favorite pots and pans up high can be just the remedy. This simple project requires only a couple of pieces of store-bought hardware and basic carpentry skills. 

These are just a few of the possibilities that pallet-based projects introduce. Once you start looking at some of the creative ideas that people have executed, you are likely to imagine a few innovative uses of your own for this plentiful and versatile material. 

What sorts of pallet projects would you like to try?


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