How to Find a Cheap Storage Unit Located Near You in 5 Easy Steps


At some point in your life, you may feel the need to find a new place for old personal belongings that you haven’t used in ages. If you’re not ready to sell, toss or give them to charity, consider leaving them in storage. Could you afford to rent a self storage unit? According to the data provided by the Self Storage Association, the asking monthly rental rate for a 10’x’10 unit is estimated at $118 per month, while a climate-controlled unit of the same size costs on average $151/month. Wondering how you could save some money while renting the best units available in your city? Here are a few strategies that could help you accomplish your mission.

1. Rely on Word-of-Mouth. In 2015, word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tactics influencing buying decisions. When it comes to renting storage space, most people discuss their options with relatives, coworkers or acquaintances who have already experienced the same need and are now familiar with the best alternatives available in their area. Therefore, the next time you’ll meet your friends for lunch, do not hesitate to bring up the fact that you are looking for flexible, budget-friendly storage options in your ZIP code.

2. Go Online. Assuming that the first phase did not return any positive results, embrace a new approach: surf the web and rely on the data provided by search engines to discover the most tempting self storage facilities located near your home or office. Type in one or more keywords, such as “self storage” followed by the name of your city and/or neighborhood. By doing so, you will manage to land on the websites of local companies operating in the self storage sector. Check out their websites, read client testimonials, go through their list of prices and figure out whether or not their units are truly compatible with your current needs and plans.

3. Evaluate Different Candidates Based on Their Most Important Particularities. Most importantly, don’t settle for the first offer introduced by the first facility that you find online, even if the rental rates are quite reasonable. These days, the self storage industry is constantly making room for new players that are basically competing for the same pairs of eyeballs. Because the market is highly competitive, many businesses choose to let their customers profit from flexible payment options and significant discounts, correlated with better amenities and an improved client service. Therefore, you should always compare different self storage units in terms of price, square footage and features before reserving one online to be able to identify the best deals.

4. Don’t Waste Money on Features That You Don’t Actually Need. Always focus on the basic features that you need inside your unit to keep your personal belongings safe and secure. Don’t rent a unit that comes with a lot of extras that you may not find useful in the long run. For instance, climate controlled units can be around 50% more expensive than standard ones. While climate control is a must-have when it comes to storing temperature-sensitive items, this additional measure of precaution may not really make sense to you if you’re depositing objects that cannot be affected by fluctuations in humidity and temperature. In this context, you could save big at the end of each month by simply settling for a standard unit that could accommodate the things that you no longer want to see around the house or office. However, do keep in mind that delicate items such as paperwork, furniture, electronics, photos, clothing items and paintings can be severely deteriorated by excessive heat, cold or humidity and require the temperature control feature to stay in great shape.

5. Apply a Few Easy Tricks to Maximize the Potential of the Cheap Unit That You’ve Just Found. If you can’t afford to invest a lot of money in self storage, apply a few simple tricks to squeeze more value from the smallest unit that is in your price range. Learn to organize your goods in cardboard boxes that you can stack up to the ceiling and opt for a unit with shelves, if possible.

All in all, you shouldn’t let price become the sole factor influencing your final decision. When it comes to renting self storage units, go for a space that reflects an ideal balance between its rental rates and the benefits that it ensures. If you want to deposit your car, boat, RV or household contents safely and conveniently, rent a unit from and make the most of a satisfying self storage experience that won’t burn holes in your pockets.


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