How Ecommerce Companies Run Their Business From Personal Storage Space


In the days of old, business owners would have a brick and mortar store to stockpile their inventory.

But with the rise of e-commerce businesses, owners are finding they're not able to find a place for their inventory.

If you're one of these business owners, you are looking for an efficient and convenient way to keep all of your items in one place. You may currently be using an unused room in your home, or stockpiling things in random places throughout your personal space.

But there are other options. Read on to learn how personal storage spaces are the ideal place to keep all of your inventory and run your business.

Save Money

Chances are, buying your very own warehouse isn't an option right now.

They're costly on many levels, and finding one is a tedious process. Plus, you're responsible for paying all the additional extras that come with a warehouse space.

But if you choose to rent a self-storage space, you'll not have to worry about high costs affecting your business. Generally, self-storage renting facilities will charge you per the square foot of your space.

You'll be able to pay for what you'll use, and not have to worry about paying for space that won't be used.

Another cost saving benefit of renting a personal storage unit? No utilities! You won't be expected to pay the common utilities that are associated with regular office spaces.

Expand Your Business

Relocating your brick and mortar business can be expensive and time-consuming.

It can dig into your business expenses and create a big headache. E-commerce businesses have the ability to move their business to any type of space.

That's exactly why personal storage units are an ideal option for e-commerce businesses.

If you're just starting up, you may not need that much storage space. But you never know what the future will bring. Your business could boom and inventory could become too much for your current unit.

So if you need to expand your space, you'll be able to with ease. Plus, you won't have to move all of your inventory far at all. You can simply get a larger unit, or get yourself two!

Have busier seasons than others? Self-storage sites are the perfect place to store your inventory based on business needs. You can expand without much notice needed.

Be Free of Commitments

Warehouses and other units require you to sign a lease. Who knows if you'll decide to pick up and move your business, or if it will grow?

You never know what the future holds, so committing for a long period of time isn't always an option. Thankfully, you can rent a self-storage unit on a monthly basis.

Decide to leave or move your business to a stand-alone space? No longer running an e-commerce business? Not a problem.

You only need to give a short notice and you can be on your way. No strings attached agreements work well for startups and small e-commerce businesses for this reason.

Use the Space for More Than Storage

You may be looking for a personal storage unit for inventory only. And while that's a perfectly fine idea, you may want to take a look at other ways you can use a storage unit for your business.

One of the more common ways e-commerce businesses use their storage unit is for setting up a photo studio within the unit. You can take pictures of your inventory in a place that isn't your home or home office.

Another perk? You can also use your facility as a makeshift office. Self-storage units across the country and the world are making it easier for businesses to use their units as an office.

Often times, storage facilities will also allow you to have packages delivered directly to your storage unit. So while having a storage unit is great, loading all of your inventory back and forth between your business and the unit can be annoying.

Having your items delivered directly to your storage unit is an added convenience you get when you choose a personal storage unit.

Be Safe and Secure

One of the most important reasons many e-commerce businesses use personal storage spaces is their safety and security. Your business venture will be in good hands when you use a self-storage unit.

Self-storage units are constantly monitored by CCTV cameras that are always on and working. This not only prevents theft, it will make you feel secure knowing your unit is always being watched.

Warehouses and other storage buildings can always be broken into. But that's not the case with storage units. You will be the only one who will be able to access your unit.

Many storage units are also individually monitored to ensure additional safety. Depending on the company you choose to rent your unit from, they'll be made of durable materials to keep out any chances of theft or leaking from the elements.

Along with proper security, you'll also find that many storage unit companies have secure lighting in all areas of the lot. So you'll not only deter burglaries, you'll also feel safe and secure as you enter and leave your unit.

Let Personal Storage Benefit Your Business

As a small business owner, your time and money are important. If you're selling products through an e-commerce business, you always want to ensure that your inventory is safe and secure.

Are you sick of stockpiling your inventory in your personal space? Not interested in spending the money to lease a warehouse? Your best bet is a personal storage unit.

You will never have to worry about your inventory being stolen due to the extra safety precautions that are taken. You'll also save money by renting a storage unit.

Should you decide to expand your business, you won't have to worry about moving all of your items very far!

If you're interested in looking for a personal storage unit in your area, leave us a comment below or take a look at our expansive listings. 


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