Get Ahead Scholarship Winners for 2021-2022


And the scholarship recipients are...

Marvin Lee Miller from UC Berkeley & Rachel Neufeld from Canadian Mennonite University

Each year it gets exceeding more difficult to choose from among these very deserving students and this year was no exception. This year, we are honored and fortunate to choose 2 students for the 2021 Get Ahead Scholarship. Without further ado, we are honored to announce that Marvin Lee Miller a senior at University of California Berkeley and Rachel Neufeld a junior at Canadian Mennonite University are our 2021 EZstorit Get Ahead Scholarship Recipients.

Marvin Lee Miller

Marvin Lee Miller, who is disabled, is a proud first-generation American and bilingual student parent. “Even as a child dealing with the poverty in Tijuana, I knew that there was more to life than my situation, and I knew that education was my ticket out” states Marvin. Marvin’s determination, perseverance and tenacity has helped propelled him to a senior student and assistant researcher at UC Berkeley. Marvin has been blessed to have had meaningful and practical experiences in lab research from both UC Irvine, and at the University of Alaska. Marvin’s is set to graduate in the spring of 2023 having studied Cell and Developmental Biology in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology. Upon graduation, Marvin plans to continue his education by pursuing a Ph.D. program in genetics and molecular biology.

When Marvin is not studying and doing homework, he enjoys immersing himself in nature. He loves beach sports, hiking, biking, long drives and sightseeing. Traveling across the country, visiting friends is among Marvin’s favorite’s things. Marvin’s favorite state is Hawaii because of the ecosystem that mirrors any other city, but all on one island.

Marvin’s early life experiences and his disabilities helped mold his personal advocacies that include racial equality, healthcare accessibility and mental awareness. We are honored to play a small part in Marvin’s educational journey with one of the 2021 EZstorit Get Ahead Scholarships. Investing in students and their future benefits us all. We wish Marvin all the best and much success in his future endeavors.

Rachel Neufeld

Rachel Neufeld is pursuing a bachelor of science, majoring in biology at the Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada where she is also member of the university’s women's soccer team. During her high school years, Rachel played on several different sports teams and was team captain of many of them. Her leadership qualities lead her to be a co-treasure of her high school’s student council organization and as a worship leader for her home church.

At the Canadian Mennonite University, she is currently a housing residence assistant for the dormitories on campus. In addition to Rachel’s academic classes, she participate in volunteer activities include helping with various Mennonite Disaster Service constructions sites. Just in the last year, she has participated in a women’s hygiene product drive for a downtown Winnipeg organization, helping to organize retreats for the Saskatchewan Mennonite Youth Organization Committee as well as a volunteer coach for young women’s basketball teams.

Although, Rachel has a passion for sports and enjoys playing many of them, she also enjoys traveling and meeting new people. She also believes in giving back to others and looks forward to continuing her volunteer activities.

We are thrilled for Rachel to achieve all her educational goals and honored to award her one of our two 2021 EZstorit Get Ahead Scholarships. We extend our best wishes to Rachel for a successful academic year.

Through our EZstorit annual scholarships, we believe that by investing in students like Marvin and Rachel, we are giving back to the communities we service while helping to ensure a better future for us all. Best wishes to all our scholarship recipients for a fantastic year!

We will once again be offering the EZstorit Get Ahead Scholarship for the 2022-2023 school year. Stay tuned to our website for further announcements on both our annual scholarships, the EZstorit Get Ahead Scholarship and the EZstorit Self-Storage Employee Scholarship. Both of these scholarships are open to students in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

By: Lee Preston
Lee is the Director of Marketing and Promotion for When she is not working with our storage facilities partners, she is writing about topics that affect our daily lives.


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