Get Ahead Scholarship Winner - Eric Rosenfeld


We received over 1,000 applications for our Fall 2016 "Get Ahead Scholarship" from all over the United States and Puerto Rico. They range in age from 18 to 49 and majoring in everything from business to engineering. With all this talented applicants, the task of selecting a winner was a difficult one, but at the end, there was a clear winner, Eric Alan Rosenfeld, and Engineering student at San Jose State University.

"One of my passions as discussed earlier is generating clean renewable energy, and I concluded that the Silicon Valley was the ideal place to give my ideas momentum" states Alan as one of the reasons why he selected San Jose State University to pursue his professional studies.

Alan has big accomplishments not only at San Jose State University, but at Santa Barbara City College which he attended while still in high school.

Congratulations Alan, you are the recipient of the 1st "Get Ahead Scholarship" presented by Stay tuned and visit our site often as we will soon announce our next two scholarships for the 2017 Spring and Fall terms.


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