Fall Into Winter - How to prepare for the cold months ahead


As the heat of summer fades and fall arrives, the change of seasons prompts people to start making changes in their own lives. One of the changes they usually make involves heading to their storage units to see what they need to get out or put away, so they can be ready for the winter months. In South Florida, preparing for winter is a little bit different. A self storage unit may be full of things that it has just been too hot to enjoy over the summer, but that are packed up, quietly waiting for the weather to change. People look forward to cool weather, because it means they can spend time outside and be comfortable, instead of dealing with the often extreme heat of a Florida summer.

In the fall, they put away summer-related items for the pool or the beach, but they also get out their grills, their patio furniture, and their gardening tools, so they can spend some enjoyable time outside. Often, they have backyard barbecues or garden parties, because it is cool enough to be outside but still warm enough to really enjoy all that the area has to offer. It is an excellent mix, and one of the reasons that people love to live in areas like South Florida. A storage unit is the perfect place to keep those fall items that are not being used in the summer, so they can easily be gotten out when the days get shorter and there is a crispness to the air.

In the rest of the country, the preparations for the approaching winter are a little bit different. When it comes to storage units Miami is very different than a place like Chicago, where the winter is going to bring snow and ice. In cold weather locations, people who head to their storage unit in the fall are putting away inflatable pools and patio furniture. They are tucking their grills away, and making sure they have collected everything from their yard, so it does not freeze and get damaged. They want to make sure all of those things are packed away, and they might not have space in their garage to store big items. They need that room, because they have to get their cars in there when the snow starts to fall.

Smaller items like rakes and leaf blowers will need to stay out for a while longer, so all the falling leaves can be collected. The grass may still need to be mowed a few more times, as well. Still, going to the storage unit when fall first gets started is a good idea, because it gives people time to get out their snowblowers, shovels, and other wintertime tools. They can make sure everything is working properly and not damaged, and bring it back to the house so they have it ready when they really need it. Having a snowblower is very helpful in the winter months in climates where it snows frequently, but it does not do much good if it is not working properly. The time to find that out is well before the snow starts to fall.

For people who have units for self storage Chicago and similar locations means not just putting away summer fun toys, but also storing larger vehicles that they might have used throughout the warmer months. Boats, ATVs, and motorcycles may also need to be stored, along with convertibles or other types of sports cars that really aren't designed for snowy roads or icy conditions. Bigger self storage units are excellent options for these types of vehicles, because it's possible to get a unit that will store something as large as a full-sized RV. Vehicles are not the same as grills and patio furniture, though. They need to be prepped for winter, so they will be ready to be used again when spring rolls around.

Having enough air in the tires and making sure the water in the radiator will not freeze are both very important issues to think about when getting ready for winter and storing a vehicle. The gas and oil should also be addressed. Oil should be clean, and the gas tank should be full, in order to prevent condensation. There are stabilizers and additives that can be put into gasoline, as well, so it does not degrade too much while the vehicle sits over the winter months. If possible, starting up a vehicle periodically is the best choice, but it might not always be possible. The most important thing to remember in the fall is to swap out the summer toys for the winter toys, so you are ready to go no matter what the season brings.


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