Beginner Woodworking Projects to Beautify Your Home


Are you looking for a new hobby that will fill your home with useful items and even earn you a few bucks? Well, woodworking might be just the thing for you. Even if you’re new to the whole process, there are plenty of beginner-friendly projects you can try out before you’re ready to take on something more challenging. Searching all over the internet and consulting with woodworkers, we compiled a nice little list of simple woodworking projects that will offer easy gratification, great practice and plenty of aesthetic appeal for your home. Take a look and choose something to try out today!

Picture-perfect frames

There is no easier way to give your walls some interest and appeal than to hang some art. However, buying frames for your photos or drawings can be a little costly and really wasteful. So, why not make picture frames your first woodworking project? With some reclaimed wood you have at home, a saw and a small drill, you can create picket-fence or pallet picture frames. Give them some paint or a bit of a stain and voila!

Cheap crate and pallet furniture

Crates are a great material for beginner woodworkers to practice on. Crate boxes are easy to use as the main material because they are already assembled, which means you don’t have to bother with this too much. Grab four crates (wine ones look the best) and stack them together for a practical shelf or turn them into a cute coffee table. If you choose to add casters and a central box, you’ll get a chance to practice your woodworking skills.

Additionally, if you have some pallets in your garage, don’t let them go to waste, but turn them into practical furniture for your living room or back yard. This shipping material can be modified, connected and mounted in many different ways which makes it a perfect woodworking base for beginners. If you need some space for your materials and tools, it’s best to rent a self-storage unit to avoid cluttering your garage.

Sanded side tables for maximum comfort

Are you always looking for ways to boost comfort in your living room? Well, consider making a practical sofa sleeve that will ensure your coffee or beer are always at arm’s reach. And if you wish to practice your dry and wet sanding skills and learn various sending techniques, this is a perfect project for you since it requires smooth surfaces (you don’t want splinters in your forearm). If you don’t know what is wet sanding and how to use it to make amazing projects with smooth finishes, make sure to study it online and try your hand at something simple like a side table for your sofa. The finished product will give your room a clean and sleek look and allow you to reduce clutter yet boost comfort.

Cutting boards for your culinary skills

If you want to improve your culinary skills, you need a good cutting board. This easy project can be done with only a table saw and some sandpaper which makes it perfect for beginners. To make your finished product food-safe, make sure any oil you’re using on your board is food grade.

Racks for bottles or newspaper

If you’re always trying to contain clutter in your home, try creating a handy rack for your bottles, newspaper or all other small items. Once you cut your pieces, you’ll only need wood glue and some nails to finish your racks. Mounting a bottle opener to the side of your beer caddy is a nice touch, too!

Pet beds and accessories

If you’re tired of falling over your pet’s bowls and beds, give them a new safe spot that will keep your house clutter-free and pet-friendly. With a few pine boards and some glue and nails, you can put together a practical bowl station for your pet’s food and water. A DIY feeding station can be done in an hour, especially if you have prefabricated furniture legs. You can also create a cute little frame for their bed and finish off with a few touches (paint that fits your interior style and your pets name on the front).

Practical stepping stools

If you think you’re ready to tackle something a little more complicated, make a practical stepping stool. This project involves a little more measuring and constructing, but the cutting and putting together parts are easy and requires only nails and wood glue. Finish up your project with a little paint or a good stain, depending on your preferences.

With some practice projects like this, you’ll soon be ready to tackle bigger items and really embrace all the wonderful sides of woodworking!

By: Lilly Miller
Lilly is a graphic designer and a passionate writer. Loves everything about home decor, art history and baking. Shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney. Based in Sydney, but world is her playground.



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