6 Ways in Which the Ideal Self Storage Option Could Help You During Your Relocation

Vacating a certain location is no easy task, especially when you don’t have a solid plan and don’t know what the future may have in store for you. Even so, recent statistics introduced in a previous post indicate that no less than 43 million Americans choose to change their current location on an annual basis. Furthermore, 33% of all renters move each year and 31% of American residents decide to rent or buy a new home in a neighborhood that is closer to their office.

Self Storage Eliminates the Hassles Associated with One's Upcoming Relocation

All these numbers reflect the fact that many people are constantly on the run and require a helping hand when it comes to packing, sorting, depositing and unpacking their personal effects. Self storage responds to all these needs and demands, allowing them to cope with this period of transition and adapt to their new realities with ease. Here are 6 ways in which a great unit uncovered with a little help from EZStorit could make your life a whole lot easier and give you the chance to move in record time without going crazy.

1. A Good Unit Is the Core of Your Backup Plan. Truth be told, when relocating, you could be easily taken by surprise by a series of unplanned events. Maybe the property that you are getting ready to call your new home is not yet vacant; or perhaps the house or apartment that you wish to occupy requires ample remodeling work or repairs. In this situation, you could build a solid back up plan around your self storage unit. By depositing your goods in a safe, clean, climate-controlled room, you could protect and store your valuables in the most convenient manner.

2. Cheap Storage Space Lets You Avoid Clutter. Most people who have to sort and pack all their possessions realize that they have accumulated several piles of junk over the past few years. When you’re getting ready to vacate an apartment, you seldom have the time and patience required to organize your stuff in an effective manner. Self storage lets you deposit the things that have been gathering dust in your apartment and deal with the clutter when you feel ready to complete this assignment.

3. Great Units Help You Move into a Smaller House without Any Regrets. Numerous American families contemplate the idea of downsizing their homes. Reduced space is automatically associated with lower costs and less complicated and time-consuming maintenance. If downsizing is an option that you are also considering, choose to avoid the chaos generated by this move by renting self storage space. Spend a small amount of money on a unit that could accommodate all your less useful possessions to gain some more time to organize a successful sale or giveaway and part ways with your belongings in a satisfying manner.

4. Self Storage Supports Your New Business Venue and Prevents Any Disruptions. Self storage units can become the perfect substitute for your home office. You could definitely use the extra space as a center of logistics or deposit enabling you to operate without any disruptions.

5. Modern Units Keep Your Goods Safe and Secure. Here’s one of the most alarming problems associated with a less organized relocation: during this timeframe, many household items are being stolen, lost or misplaced. Avoid losses that could dig holes in your pockets by creating checklists and storing items with a high emotional or financial value in a safe and secure unit. During a move, modern units can accommodate a wide range of rare, fragile and/or irreplaceable belonging, such as paperwork, paintings, electronics or jewelry.

6. Spacious, Easily Accessible Rooms Help You Save Time and Money. Based on how much space you actually require to deposit the goods that you can’t organize or transport before moving out of your old apartment, you could target the most affordable self storage units available in your ZIP code. Online calculators could make it easier for you to make a cost-effective decision. Keep in mind the fact that prices vary a great deal based on square footage. According to the data provided by Self Storage Association, the monthly rental rate for a 10’x10’ U.S.-based unit (non climate-controlled) was estimated at $118 in 2014.

Wondering how you could handle the chaotic side of your big move? In this case, choose to research and compare different self storage options located near your home or office. Spot the best rooms in your area with EZStorit and pay less for convenient storage space that is fully compatible with your relocation needs.


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