5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Rent a Self Storage Space Tailored to Your Needs


These days, Americans can count on no less than 2.35 billion sq. ft. of available storage space to deposit various categories of personal belongings, ranging from bedding, Christmas decorations and clothing items to RVs, cars, electronics, paperwork and expensive antiques and furniture. Leaving the items that you no longer use on a regular basis in storage could be a good call, considering the extra space and the negligible costs implied by this strategy. Here are some of the most surprising reasons why you may require a good self storage unit to simplify your work and improve your quality of life.

1. You Are Tired of Some of Your Oldest Possessions, but Don’t Want to Abandon Them. We all have several possessions that we care about, but don’t really like to put on full display, don’t we? The old, colorful set of fine china received by your mother as a wedding present five decades ago, last year’s holiday decorations, your baby’s stroller and the vintage electronics that you are fervently collecting and restoring are only a few examples worth mentioning. When you leave your goods in storage, instead of saying “goodbye” you can actually say “see you later”, knowing that they will be in good hands.

2. You Need More Room for New Acquisitions. Even the most avid hoarders need a little extra room to be able to buy and showcase new collectible items. If you wish to de-clutter one or more rooms and find a nice temporary home for the things that you could swap or sell in the future, consider renting a self-storage space matching your criteria in terms of size, amenities and price.

3. You Are Waiting for Outdated Trends to Make a Huge Comeback. What can you do with outdated office furniture or that massive couch with floral motifs that you have inherited from your late grandmother? You have two options at hand: you could either rent or sell goods that are no longer considered fashionable these days, or you could store them in a unit and wait for these trends to make a comeback. The first alternative may not bring you a big profit, considering the fact that most people have a thing for novelty factors and appreciate previously owned and loved items only when they get them at yard sales for less than a couple of dollars. Eventually, history will repeat itself and your goods could be seen as hip, stylish and practical once again, so instead of tossing or donating them, consider storing them in a storage unit and turning them into solid cash when the time is right.

4. You Are Looking for Extra Space for a New Business Venture, but Don’t Want to Rent an Office. If you love reconditioning and reselling old items, such as jewelry, artwork, car parts or furniture, why not turn this hobby into a profitable business idea? You won’t even have to rent expensive office space or modify the current structure of your home to turn this dream into reality. Most indoor and outdoor self storage units have what it takes to help you deposit, improve, organize and inventory your possessions in excellent conditions.

5. You May Have to Move into a Smaller House or Apartment. Downsizing into a smaller house may be the perfect strategy that you could employ to reduce your monthly expenses. At the same time, this new accommodation option could help you unlock the advantages of smaller living, revolving around a simpler maintenance and cleaning routine. By decreasing the frequency of your chores, you would be able to invest more time in your favorite recreational activities. This sounds like a nice plan, but what should you do with the belongings that won’t find their place in your new home? If this change is temporary, or if you’re waiting for the right time to donate, rent or sell your items, choose to leave them in storage for as long as you need.

Regardless of the reasons why you want to deposit some of your stuff near your home or office, keep in mind that the storage units brought to you by EZStorit are the best candidates for this job. Start looking for the most convenient self storage spaces located near you and make more room for the things that matter to you the most.


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