5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Self Storage Unit Before Moving into a New Home


Selling the house that you grew up in can be heartbreaking. However, lack of proper planning can make things a whole lot worse. What happens when you give the keys to your old place without being able to move into your new home? How can you move into a much smaller apartment without losing your mind? A great storage unit can provide the best answers to all these challenges. 8.96% of all American households rely on this solution to de-clutter their spaces. Why wouldn't you do the same? Here are five excellent reasons why you should consider renting self storage space to facilitate your move.

5 Key Reasons Why Renting a Self Storage Unit Can Simplify Your Relocating Process

1. You Are Getting Ready to Move into a Smaller Apartment. People who decide to downsize their home are usually faced with numerous challenges. They have to pick a new school for their kids, plan remodeling work, pack their personal belongings and contact the moving company; not to mention the fact that, under these circumstances, they are always forced to sort their possessions and find a temporary home for the things that do not use on a regular basis. In this situation, self storage units are considered the best alternative at hand enabling users to deposit and access their goods safely and conveniently.

2. You Have Already Sold Your House, but Can't Move into Your New Apartment Just Yet. How could you possibly overcome this obstacle? You may manage to sleep on your friend's couch for a week or two, but would he or she also be willing to accommodate all the personal items that you have accumulated over the past few decades? To make thing a whole lot easier for yourself and your friend, leave your furniture, tools, equipment, decorative elements and various other large items in storage. Find the unit that works best for you and reserve it online, with a few clicks.

3. You Want to Keep Your Valuables in a Safe and Secure Location. Don't really want to carry your valuables around with you while travelling from point A to point B? Are you worried that the chaos triggered by your upcoming relocation could impact the current condition of some of your most expensive possessions and turn them into an easy target for skilled robbers? Avoid safety and security risks by keeping your works of art, collectibles and various other products with a high emotional and/or financial value in a storage unit. Most self storage facilities have already implemented state-of-the-art security solutions to discourage perpetrators and keep their clients'; personal effects out of harm's way.

4. You Don't Want to Throw Out Your Back while Lifting and Moving Heavy Boxes. Why break your back lifting and carrying a bunch of heavy boxes when you can simply rent a drive-up room and park your car right next to the door of your new unit?

5. You Don't Have a Van and/or the Right Packaging Materials. Don't have a moving van that you could use to transport your goods to your new home? Can't decide which boxes you should take home with you? Don't have access to the packaging materials compatible with the nature of your personal belongings?

Here's an idea worth considering: move into your new house or apartment, take as much time you need to perform remodeling work and don't worry about your household contents. Put them in boxes and send them to the closest self storage unit. Later on, when everything settles down, you'll have plenty of time and energy to go through you stuff and figure out which items could find their place on your new property. Also, keep in mind that many facilities feature an onsite store where you could buy premium, inexpensive packaging materials that could simplify your big move a great deal.

Self Storage Is a Most Convenient and Affordable Option Explored by Millions of Americans. Have you ever wondered how your neighbors manage to keep their homes clean and de-cluttered, even though they buy new furniture pieces, appliances and decorative elements on a regular basis? The answer is simple: just like millions of other Americans, they keep some of their personal effects in a storage unit. If you are ready to do the same thing, choose to find the perfect unit for you with EZstorit and profit from significant financial savings each month.


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