5 False Ideas about the Self-Storage Industry That Should Be Debunked Once and for All


These days, self storage options represent the perfect solution for various categories of people who wish to deposit some of their belongings in a clean and secure indoor space. With so many appealing alternatives at hand, finding the ideal unit for you in your state shouldn’t be a challenge; after all, prospects have the liberty to choose from more than 58,000 self storage facilities that operate in the U.S. This industry is constantly growing; according to recent statistics, the occupancy rate for these facilities is estimated at 87.4% and approximately 8.9% U.S.-based households count on one self storage unit to keep their personal belongings safe and secure. Even so, there are quite a few false ideas about this industry that may stop some potential clients from discovering the benefits of renting storage space. Here are five of the most popular misconceptions about self-storage that you should ignore from now on.

1. Self Storage Units Are Available Only for People Who Want to Rent the Extra Space for a Long Period of Time. As a matter of fact, most self storage facilities enable their customers to profit from the highest level of flexibility when it comes to signing the rental agreement; they also welcome both long-term and short-term tenants. Therefore, whether you need to rent a great temporary home for your goods for just one month or two or plan to pack half of your home and leave it in a unit for months or years in a row, self storage constitutes the best solution that you could explore.

2. Bargaining Is Out of the Question. We all love a great deal, don’t we? Due to the fact that the self storage sector is highly competitive, players operating on this market are going out of their way to attract new clients by offering them significant discounts. Go for a facility allowing you to make the most of discounted prices and special packages tailored to your needs and budget.

3. You Can Store Everything Your Heart Desires in Your Self Storage Unit. The sky is the limit when it comes to listing all the items that you could put and keep in your unit. However, there are certain categories of items that are not permitted inside the facility, such as perishable goods, plants, live animals or noxious, flammable or hazardous materials. You should also take into consideration the fact that temperature-sensitive objects, such as documents, photos, paintings or electronics require special storing conditions. If you’re planning on depositing such personal belongings in your unit, it would be best to rent a climate-controlled space that will maintain an ideal temperature and humidity level, making it easier for you to keep your possessions looking (and/or running) like new.

4. You Don’t Need to Insure the Goods That You Want to Leave in Storage. While modern self storage facilities ensure the best conditions for various categories of goods that you may want to remove from your home or office, do keep in mind that free insurance is not a part of the deal. If you want to benefit from optimal coverage it is recommended to buy the best insurance policy by a third-party insurance provider.

5. Self Storage Units Are Rented by Felons. One of the most hilarious and completely false ideas related to the self storage business is based on the claim that such units are usually rented by felons who are involved in shady activities and need a safe spot to fence their ill-gotten items and use as their personal illegal laboratories. The truth is that self storage facilities are monitored 24/7. Most of the companies operating in this field count on dependable on-site managers who are trained to prevent any potential illicit operations.

Now that you are familiar with the myths that still circulate in this sector, you may be more willing to give self storage a try. Get the best deals on units located near you with a little help from and discover the simplest way to de-clutter and reorganize your living spaces.


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