5 Creative Uses for Your Storage Unit


It's impressive what you can do with a small, box-like space when you add a little creativity into the mix. A self-storage unit is a great example of this. Does an oversize closet really just have to be used for storing the things you no longer have room for?

Actually, no! Self-storage can offer more than just extra space for your things. With a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking, you can find many uses for self-storage that don't have anything to do with the storage part.

Keep in mind, how you use a unit depends on your needs and what's allowed by the storage supplier. If you have the right unit, you can create a unique space that you can even call your home away from home.

Read on to discover five creative uses for a common storage unit.

Office Space

Even small, at home businesses can benefit from a dedicated office or space to do work. Nothing says this space has to be in an office or your home.

A storage unit can be a great place to set up camp for your business. Most units have some kind of power supply so you can hook up electronics and other equipment. There is also typically enough room for a couple of desks and other small furniture.

If you have a small business by yourself or with a couple of employees, self-storage might be an affordable alternative to a typical small office.

Some businesses may not be a good fit. If you meet with a lot of customers or clients in an office environment, self-storage may not be professional enough. Online businesses, however, are a great fit for this kind of environment.

Art Studio

Art projects tend to get a bit messy during the creative process. Most professional or dedicated hobby artists prefer to work inside a space that can get dirty. Instead of using a room in your home or renting out space for an art studio, a storage unit may be a good alternative.

You will have to find a storage supplier that won't mind a little mess. Most units have concrete floors so you shouldn't have any major issues with cleaning things up, but you will have to be careful not to do any major damage.

Self storage can offer the same kind of privacy that a normal art studio creates for artists. Many storage businesses are located in warehouse and business districts, so you might even get the same kind of urban environment many big city art studios provide.

Personal Gym

Finding the time and space to have a good workout is a challenge for most people. Gym fees continue to rise, and you have to fight with other gym-goers to get access to your favorite equipment. Having a home gym is an option if you don't mind taking some space away from your daily living needs.

A storage unit is a great alternative since you can set up equipment right in the unit. In many ways, this allows the unit to pull double duty. You can use it as a gym and storage at the same time.

Compared to the other creative options in this list, a personal gym might be the easiest sell to suppliers since there is little chance of damage or disturbance. Most people store gym equipment in these units anyway, so the occasional drop into "test the equipment out" probably won't be an issue.

Music Space

If you are in a band or are just practicing an instrument, finding the right space to practice is important. You can technically play anywhere, but certain spaces are better to let you play without disturbing others or putting your instrument on mute.

You will have to find a supplier okay with the noise or a unit in which you can put some sound proofing. If you can control the noise, the space will be a great private location for rehearsals or recordings.

Personal Space

Sometimes, we just need a space to call our own. Whether you consider it to be a man cave or a hobby space, a private space can help us collect our thoughts or pursue our personal interests without interruption.

Given that a storage unit is just an empty space, you can turn this location into many different types of personal spaces. Maybe you want a home theater or yoga space, or a location to work on your bikes? Self-storage is a great canvas to create your dream space.

Picking The Right Storage Unit

If you are now excited about all the different possibilities you can entertain with a storage unit, it's helpful to have an idea on how to find the right one. Not all self-storage is the same. Finding the right one takes some research, especially if you are going to use it for something other than actual storage.

People looking for storage or creative space have a few needs in common. You will want to find a unit that matches the size requirements of your intended use. Something too large or small will present unnecessary challenges as you begin to use the space.

Location is another consideration. While you shouldn't choose a unit just because of its location, finding something that is easily accessible will ensure you continue to get a lot of use out of it.

Finally, you should consider your own budget while shopping around. Different suppliers will have different rental costs for different units. Chances are you can find the right one for you with a little bit of research.

For using a storage unit in a creative way, you will have to find a supplier with rules that allow for alternative uses. Some suppliers won't mind if you ask. A few even welcome the creative use as another way to get business.

If you do the required research, you should be able to find a great unit for your creative needs. If you'd like additional help, feel free to contact us.


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