12 Things You Need to Know About Moving to San Antonio


If you're planning on moving to San Antonio, there are a lot of great things to enjoy in that city. With our insider advice about the location, you can make your move, put some things in storage, and start exploring your new location while you set up your home. More than 1.5 million people already live in the area, so there are definitely things to love about the city and the surrounding locales. If you're not completely excited about moving to San Antonio, you really should be. Here are 12 great things to know before you go to make your visit and future stay more enjoyable.

1. The Population is Growing

San Antonio is the seventh most populous city in the country, and the second-largest in Texas. But even with all those people there, more keep coming to the area. That means you'll be part of a growing population when you make your move to the city. The city is affordable, and the economy is booming. With a strong tech sector, low-priced housing, and optimism in the air, San Antonio's population is going to continue to grow. But the city is also great at keeping a small-town feel, so you won't be overwhelmed when living in San Antonio.

2. There's Some Seriously Amazing Food

Whether you're hungry for tacos or you want to sample some of the famous Texas barbecue you've heard so much about, there are options for everything from food trucks and burgers to high-end cuisine. While you're looking for something great to eat, don't forget to check out the local wineries, breweries, and coffee roasters, too. With so much to check out, you'll never get bored eating and drinking the same old things.

3. You'll Probably Root for the Spurs

The chances are high you've already got a favorite team if you're a basketball fan. Or maybe you don't really follow the sport. But the people of San Antonio are big Spurs fans, and it's worth catching a game or two. It'll give you something to talk about around the water cooler. As a big talking point throughout the city and part of its culture, you'll always have a conversation starter if you know even basic information about the favorite team.

4. The River Walk Really is Worth it

You've probably heard about the San Antonio River Walk, but you're not sure if it lives up to the hype. You can rest assured that it really is as great as people say. There aren't too many places where you can enjoy a street for pedestrians only, that's full of shops, restaurants, and bars. It's an attraction year-round, and there are also a lot of yearly festivals held there. The River Walk always has something interesting going on, that you can explore when moving to San Antonio.

5. There's a Big Rodeo Culture

If you like the rodeo or you want to go to a livestock show, living in San Antonio is the way to do those things. Every year, over two million people come into the area so they can attend the event. Even if livestock aren't really of interest to you, the event is big and has a lot to offer. You might find some quality items for your new home, even if you need to put them in storage until you're ready. Big-name artists come and perform there, as well, and it's a spectacle to behold whether you're a fan of the rodeo or not.

6. Historical Sites are All Over the Area

For history buffs, the San Antonio area can be an excellent choice for a place to live. There's San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, Fort Sam Houston, and the Spanish Governor’s Palace, along with the Cathedral of San Fernando, the Mission San Francisco de la Espada, and Mission Concepcion, just to name a few. If you're interested in local culture and historical sites, you won't be disappointed with the number of them to enjoy.

7. The Modern Art Museum is World-Class

You might not associate San Antonio with modern art or world-class museums, but the McNay Museum was the first museum of modern art in Texas. The majority of the museum's collection was donated by Marion Koogler McNay, and she also donated 23 acres and her house. Whether you're an art lover or not, it's worth checking out the house and grounds, along with the collection. If you're planning a wedding, it's  popular spot due to its quality and beauty.

8. You Can Remember the Alamo -- and See It in Person

Along with all the great artistic and historical sites in the San Antonio area, don't forget to check out the Alamo. Most of what you learned in school about the San Antonio area probably revolved around the Alamo and what happened there. Brushing up on your Texas history could make your new home more interesting, as could checking out the historical sites the area has to offer.

9. You Won't Have to Pay Income Tax

There's sales tax in the state, and property taxes are a little bit higher than in some other areas. But the trade-off for that is there's no income tax on the state or city level. If you're moving from an area where you were used to paying this tax, it can really feel like you're saving a lot of money by relocating to your new San Antonio home. Just keep the property taxes and other types of taxes in mind.

10. Everyone Loves Going to Brackenridge Park

In 1899,  Brackenridge Park got its start. It's nearly 350 acres, and it offers a little bit of everything. Lambert Beach is there, along with a Sunken Garden Theater, a Japanese Tea Garden, and the San Antonio Zoo. You can see and enjoy part of the river, and if you want to walk, run, or bike, there's plenty of room to do all those things. There are pavilion rentals for parties and other events, and the park is an excellent place for picnics.

11. It's Close to Natural Bridge Caverns

Seeing limestone caverns is something you can't do just anywhere, but you can do it in the San Antonio area. These commercially run caves have a small entrance fee, and they're really a sight to behold. The caverns are worth putting on your to-do list when you move to the city, and they're also a great place to bring family and friends when they come visit your new home.

12. The Active and Retired Military Population is Large

San Antonio has been nicknamed Military City, USA, for the large active duty and retired military population that lives there. Joint Base San Antonio is there, and tens of thousands of new recruits graduate from training every year. The Department of Defense has a medical facility at the base, and it's also home to the U.S. Air Force’s Randolph Air Force Base, the U.S. Army base Fort Sam Houston, and Lackland Air Force Base.

No matter what kinds of interests you have or what types of hobbies you might want to get into in the future, there's something for you in San Antonio. When you move there you'll have the opportunity to explore everything living in San Antonio can offer, and you won't be disappointed.

By: Lee Preston
Lee is the Director of Marketing and Promotion for When she is not working with our storage facilities partners, she is writing about topics that affect our daily lives.



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